OCTOBER 20:  Council District 12

OCTOBER 20:  Council District 13

OCTOBER 20:  Council District 14

OCTOBER 22:  Council District 12

OCTOBER 23:  Council District 2

OCTOBER 23:  Multiple Council Districts

OCTOBER 23:  Multiple Council Districts

OCTOBER 26:  Council District 4

OCTOBER 26:  Council District 5

OCTOBER 26:  Council District 13

OCTOBER 28:  Council District 7

OCTOBER 30:  Council District 4

NOVEMBER 2:  Multiple Council Districts

NOVEMBER 4:  Multiple Council Districts

NOVEMBER 5:  Council District 11

NOVEMBER 9:  Multiple Council Districts



NOVEMBER 12:  Council District 2 

NOVEMBER 12:  Council District 3

NOVEMBER 12:  Council District 4

NOVEMBER 12:  Council District 5

NOVEMBER 12:  Council District 14

NOVEMBER 13:  Council District 4

NOVEMBER 13:  Council District 14

NOVEMBER 16:  Council District 5

NOVEMBER 16:  Council District 7

NOVEMBER 16:  Council District 11

NOVEMBER 16:  Council District 13

NOVEMBER 17:  Council District 12



The Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is the California-run agency that oversees the licensing of alcohol sales and service for restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores, caterers and special events.


Any person may protest the issuance of a license by filing a written request with ABC. There are numerous reasons why people protest such licenses, including:


  • The premises are not suitable (too close to a school, house of worship, playground, nonprofit youth facility or residence that would be disturbed).

  • The premises are in a high-crime area.

  • Selling and/or serving alcohol in this location would create a public nuisance.

  • Applicant is not qualified. (Either the application has been falsified, applicant has a disqualifying police record, is not a true owner or is not at least 21 years old).  


Written protests must be filed within 30 days of:


  • The first date of posting the premises with the notice of intention to sell alcoholic beverages.

  • The first date of posting the premises with the notice of application for ownership change.

  • The date of mailing the notice of application to residents within 500 feet of the proposed premises.

Find out more at California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

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