The Administrative Citation Enforcement (ACE) Program, within the Community Justice Initiative, is a non-criminal approach to nuisance abatement and quality of life offenses - using fines (instead of arrest, incarceration and criminal records) - for people who violate the LA Municipal Code. Coordinated betwen the LA City Attorney's Office, LAPD and Animal Services, ACE is far superior to using criminal courts and criminal sanctions to deal with minor offenses. Some ACE violators, particularly people 18 - 21, have been referred to our Neighborhood Justice Program as an alternative adjudication to their citation case.

What offenses are eligible for an ACE citation

The list of eligible LAPD Municipal Code offenses is here.

The list of eligible Department of Animal Services' offenses is here.  

How long do I have to pay the fine?

Payment must be made within 20 days, and can be paid online, (click on Administrative Citations) over the phone, or by mailing in a check or money order.  


What happens if the fine is not paid?
The City may use any civil legal remedy available to collect any unpaid Administrative Fine or to gain compliance with the Administrative Order.

Can the citation be contested?
A citation may be contested within 20 days after mailing of the "Official Notice of Administrative Violation and Fine Due."


Additional Background Information

Additional Background Information (Spanish)

ACE FORMS - English/Spanish - To be downloaded, filled out and sent via US Mail to:

City of Los Angeles
Administrative Citation Enforcement (ACE) Program

Citation Processing Center

P.O. Box 7275

Newport Beach, Calif. 92658

Request an Initial Review of your citation. Petición para Revisión Inicial.

Request an Administrative Hearing about your citation. Petición para una Audiencia Administrativa.

Request an Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver. Petición para Exención del Depósito por Adelantado.


Ability to Pay Determination

Ability to Pay (Spanish)

Application for Fine Reduction

Application for Fine Reduction (Spanish)