Los Angeles City Attorney's Animal Protection Unit

Animal Protection is a highly specialized unit that facilitates the prosecution of all animal abuse and neglect cases throughout the city. Animal Protection works closely with law enforcement, the LA Department of Animal Services, the Humane Society, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other local and national humane organizations.


Animal Protection is instrumental in advancing legislation to further safeguard our animals. As such, the LA City Attorney’s Office is behind some of the toughest animal welfare laws in the nation, which include as punishment mandatory jail, fines of more than $40,000 for each offense and counseling. Consistent with these laws, Animal Protection has developed a policy of enforcement which strictly forbids convicted animal abusers from having any such contact.


Animal Protection also works with the LA Department of Animal Services to identify neighborhood-specific animal problems, such as feral cats and ongoing neglect. In coordination with other city and county agencies, and animal welfare organizations, comprehensive solutions to these problems are developed and implemented. In partnership with the Department of Animal Services, Animal Protection is developing a series of innovative programs to animal adoptions, spay and neuter and responsible care for companion animals throughout Los Angeles.


Animal Protection Unit:  (213) 978-1870 

Report Animal Cruelty to the Department of Animal Services, link to Animal Cruelty Task Force


Adopt a pet with Los Angeles Animal Services, link to Pet Adoptions.

The Amanda Foundation's Spaymobile is currently on hiatus due to COVID-19, but here is the link to the Amanda Foundation's main website for more information.