The City of Los Angeles is home to over four million residents, a diverse population, many languages and 487,460 businesses. LA’s businesses community is as diverse as our region – from major corporations like Universal Studios and Galpin Motors, to local gems like In-N-Out Burger, mom and pop shops and booming tech startups. All have one thing in common – they want to showcase their talents and achieve financial success. And they need a voice in Los Angeles – a connection to local leaders who can make smart choices to help their businesses thrive. 

The Business Support Program, created by Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, helps business owners navigate the at-times complex and frustrating bureaucracy of local government and assist them with issues impacting us all. This specialized division is the direct link between L.A’s business community and the City Attorney’s Office. Among its myriad responsibilities:

- Serving as the liaison to local Business Improvement Districts and Chamber of Commerce groups;
- Engaging local business councils;
- Coordinating visits and familiarization tours with business groups and City Attorney Mike Feuer;
- Creating innovative programs to connect business leaders to social service providers, agencies and other stakeholders;
- Coordinating with City staff to resolve business-related issues;
- Presenting updates on City Attorney projects to business leaders;
- Updating City Attorney Mike Feuer on the needs of the business community, and,
- Coordinating trainings for business leaders on select laws and initiatives


HOMELESSNESS:  While many business leaders and owners are supportive of helping people experiencing homelessness, the reality of people living on our streets and operations related to running a business can create inherent conflicts. Issues may range from a blocked sidewalk – usually with encampment items, people defecating in public view or someone with mental health issues interfering with business operations.   

QUALITY OF LIFE CRIMES:  Smaller crimes that impact the quality of life for our neighborhoods – a major focus for City Attorney Mike Feuer – are problematic for local businesses. If restaurants and retail are trying to increase foot traffic, businesses need to look appealing and be safe and welcoming. And free from graffiti, illegal dumping or active prostitution.  

ACCESS TO CITY OFFICIALS:  Sometimes business owners need help from the City to resolve small problems but don’t know whom to contact or what department to call. As a result, they may contact the wrong office and find themselves frustrated with City government while their needs go unmet. Because Capri has regular contact with the business community, she can learn about the business’ needs and determine the best way to connect them to appropriate parties so that problems can be solved and issues can be addressed.