Environmental Justice in Los Angeles 

Click here to report illegal dumping. The Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney's Environmental Justice and Protection unit is a specialized prosecution unit that pursues both criminal and civil actions to enforce state and city environmental protection statutes and ordinances. The Environmental Justice and Protection Unit prosecutes a broad range of environmental crimes, including the illegal transportation, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste and toxic materials, underground storage tank violations, storm-water pollution, oil spill incidents, and noise and air pollution violations. The Environmental Justice and Protection Unit also seeks civil action for the enforcement of environmental protection statutes, including lawsuits for violations of Proposition 65, as well as pursuing injunctions or abatements for violations of matters regarding public health, such as lead-based paint.


The City Attorney's Office partners with multiple government agencies to protect the environment. The Environmental Justice and Protection Unit leads the Environmental Protection Strike Force, a group of federal, state and local agencies that work together, share resources, and exchange information to more effectively and consistently enforce environmental protection laws. The Strike Force prioritizes the prosecution of businesses and individuals whose activities and operations diminish or disproportionately affect the quality of life for Los Angeles residents, particularly those in close proximity to schools and those in lower income neighborhoods. In the event of a serious chemical emergency or environmental violation, Strike Force member agencies mobilize a multi-agency team of investigative, technical, and legal experts for a comprehensive response. Information sharing and collaboration enables Strike Force member agencies to maximize efficiency in conducting investigations and addressing violations.


To report environmental protection violations, contact LAPD's HAZMAT unit at 323-342-4200. The HAZMAT Unit operates 24 hours a day. If you observe a violation outside of normal business hours, please contact your local LAPD community station and ask for HAZMAT assistance.


Report illegal dumping in the City of Los Angeles

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