ALL fireworks are illegal in the City of Los Angeles, unless at a permitted show.

This year especially, amid bone dry conditions caused by California's treacherous drought, City Attorney Mike Feuer urges Angelenos to leave fireworks to the pros with this list of local professional fireworks shows.

As a reminder, fireworks can be awful for the people we love and harrowing for those with Post-traumatic stress disorder, including Veterans, first responders and survivors of gun violence. Fireworks can also be distressing for kids with special needs, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders or other sensory issues. Additionally, fireworks can be terrifying to pets. According to Los Angeles Animal Services, the loud noises can cause dogs and cats to escape their homes and yards looking for safety.

Review City Attorney Mike Feuer's announcement.


City Attorney Mike Feuer has also produced videos in English and Spanish encouraging people to leave the shows to the pros. This year, the risk of devastating, quickly spreading fires sparked by fireworks is severe. Also, with DIY fireworks, there is always the threat of serious life-altering injuries. And, we are very happy to be participating in the Saturday, July 2, anonymous fireworks buyback event

To file a complaint about fireworks in your neighborhood, fill out this online form or call LAPD's non-emergency number: 877-275-5273.