The Office of the L.A. City Attorney is committed to aggressively targeting and disrupting gangs with a comprehensive approach that combines effective law enforcement partnerships with innovative suppression, intervention and prevention. 


Gang Injunctions are crucial tools used to suppress gang activity. These are civil court orders that prohibit a gang and its members from conducting certain specified activities within a defined geographic area known as a safety zone. Gang Injunctions significantly reduce gang violence and gang membership. To ensure they are administered fairly, the office has instituted key constitutional safeguards as well as a user friendly process by which the injunction can be lifted.


Communities cannot simply arrest their way out of gang activity. It must be stopped at its source, and this is where prevention and intervention come in. The City Attorney’s Office is focused on intervention and prevention strategies such as mentorship and apprenticeship programs, keeping kids and teens in school and helping them get into college, a career or technical program so that they can be productive, law-abiding members of our community. 



The mission of Los Angeles City and County Community Law Enforcement and Recovery (CLEAR) program is to facilitate the recovery of gang-infested communities. This is accomplished by an infusion of coordinated resources into targeted areas of high gang crime in order to decrease gang violence and promote community recovery. This mission is accomplished through an effective collaboration among several city, county and state criminal justice agencies, and through partnerships between CLEAR’s core collaborative and agencies, programs and individuals in the targeted communities.


CLEAR Team Members, in addition to the Office of the LA City Attorney:


  • CLEAR’s policy, management, operations and community engagement functions are distributed among several organizational components.

  • CLEAR was founded at the highest levels of local government and, on occasion, convenes a summit of the leaders of its constituent agencies: the Mayor of Los Angeles, LAPD Chief of Police, LA County Sheriff, LA City Attorney, and heads of the County District Attorney and County Probation offices, who work together on strategies against gang violence.

  • Program-level policy, management and oversight are provided by the CLEAR Executive Committee, which represents each core agency. The Executive Committee meets monthly and has an administrative staff. The District Attorney member of the Committee serves as CLEAR program Coordinator.

  • At each CLEAR site, local management, operations and community engagement are handled by an Operations Team, which also works closely with a Community Impact Team (CIT) composed of CLEAR personnel and community stakeholders. Each Operations Team also engages other law enforcement agencies and community programs to make CLEAR a truly comprehensive anti-gang initiative.


CLEAR Target Areas (click links for maps)



Please address questions about the CLEAR Program to:

-     Det. Jorge L. Martinez, CLEAR Administrative Director:  213-486-5392

-     Supervising City Attorney, CLEAR Executive Board Member:  213-978-4090


The City Attorney’s Anti-Gang Section secured a final order granting permanent injunction against 78 drug dealers and the Grape Street Crips gang based on evidence that these drug dealers, gang members and career criminals are engaged in a pattern of illegal activities and unlawful business practices. The permanent injunction is effective within a "Central City Recovery Zone," an area of the city where the most vulnerable members of our society, the homeless - including children, the disabled, the mentally ill, and the alcohol and drug-addicted - come to seek refuge, services, rehabilitation, and a second chance. These 78 drug dealers and Grape Street Crips gang members can no longer "commute" and move their criminal conduct from other areas around the city into the "Recovery Zone" to either sell drugs, use the homeless and drug-addicted in Skid Row to further their narcotics sales, or otherwise victimize this vulnerable group. The permanent injunction will help put these criminals out of business and return the Skid Row area to its original intended purpose - giving people who seek and need recovery a genuine opportunity to achieve that goal - to get recovery, get well and rejoin society.

Click links for injunction orders and maps:

Injunction Order - Set 1:

Injunction Order - Set 2:

Injunction Order - Set 3:

Injunction Map:

Petition for Removal from the Central City Injunction (EN):

Petition for Removal from the Central City Injunction (SP):


Because of their success in both the courts and our communities, there are currently more than 46 permanent Gang Injunctions in place in Los Angeles enjoining the activities of 79 criminal street gangs. The current citywide Injunction Map:   


LIST OF GANG INJUNCTIONS - (To search by gang name, hit CTRL and F. For court order, click on gang name):


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Gang Awareness for Parents (EN):

Gang Awareness for Parents (SP):

Graffiti Awareness for Parents (EN):

Graffiti Awareness for Parents (SP):

Gang Injunction Facts (EN):

Gang Injunction Facts (SP):

How Injunctions Work (EN):

How Injunctions Work (SP):

Gang Injunction Removal Petition Background Information (EN):

Gang Injunction Removal Petition Background Information (SP):

Petition for Removal (EN):

Petition for Removal (SP):


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