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ABC Licenses (Alcoholic Beverage Control)

ABC is the state agency that oversees the licensing of alcohol sales for restaurants, bars and special events. This page has license applications by Council district and information about submitting a protest letter. View the most recent correspondence regarding the licensing of alcohol sales and service in the City of Los Angeles.

ACE Program (Administrative Citation Enforcement)

The City Attorney's Administrative Citation Enforcement Program is a non-criminal approach to nuisance abatement and quality of life offenses in coordination with LAPD and the Department of Animal Services. The ACE Program utilizes civil fines instead of arrest, incarceration and criminal records for people who violate LA's Municipal Code. You can also find information on street vending here.

Animal Protection Unit

The highly specialized Animal Protection Unit prosecutes animal abuse and neglect cases throughout the City of Los Angeles working in partnership with LA Department of Animal Services, the Humane Society, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and LAPD. To report abuse, call LA Department of Animal Services (888) 452-7381. For pet adoption, visit the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. 

Careers Page

Our Careers Page lists current open positions and includes information about our employee affinity groups. We also offer a Law Clerk and Volunteer (Internship) program.

Charity Scams

Because scammers prey on donors’ goodwill and open hearts to live their pockets. Many of these involve bogus fundraising for veterans and disaster relief, like wildfires. Learn how to protect yourself and your money from Charity Scams

Children Exposed to Violence and Gun Violence

The first of its kind in the nation, the trauma-informed Children Exposed to Violence Unit supports children from the time a violent crime is committed throughout the criminal justice process. This unit is dedicated to reducing the impact of violence on kids, in particular gun violence.

Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program (CNAP)

Targeting abandonded structures and nuisance properties plaguing neighborhoods across Los Angeles, the Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program (CNAP) is a collaboration between the LA City Attorney’s Office, LAPD, Building and Safety and City Planning.

Community Visions Conversations

The City Attorney's Community Visions Conversations initiative is among our responses to urgent calls for justice, reform of law enforcement and other institutions, the elimination of systemic racism, and more. 

Consumer Complaints

From our unprecedented settlement with Wells Fargo over its millions of fake accounts to the numerous consumer issues popping up in the wake of COVID-19, plus wage thef, counterfeit pharmaceuticals so much more, the City Attorney's Consumer Protection Unit is protecting the health, safety and finances of Los Angeles residents. You can file a consumer complaint with the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office on this page.

COVID-19 Consumer Issues

Since the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Los Angeles in early March, 2020, City Attorney Mike Feuer has been a national leader in grappling with the wide-array of COVID-19 consumer issues, including price gouging, fake tests, cures and PPE, scams tied to the vaccines. Our office has also partnered with Mayor Garcetti on "LA Represents," an unprecedented legal effort helping residents facing COVID-related hardships.

COVID-19 Legal Assistance

LA Represents is an unprecedented legal assistance initiative to help thousands of Angelenos who are facing extreme hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

City Attorney Mike Feuer and Mayor Eric Garcetti have assembled a coalition of law firms, bar associations and attorneys who will enhance their existing pro bono commitments to legal aid organizations to provide COVID-19-related legal services, including helping vulnerable tenants, domestic violence victims and low income individuals with employment, consumer debt, and bankruptcy matters.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our innovative Restorative Justice programs that seek to address root causes of criminal behavior and achieve incarceration reduction through prevention, intervention and diversion.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence resources in English, Spanish and Korean. In an emergency you can text or call 911. And a safety reminder: Computer use can be monitored. If you are afraid you're being monitored online, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224.

Domestic Violence Resources During COVID

With many more people staying at home amid the pandemic, domestic violence and in-home crimes of abuse have spiked. This page has domestic violence resources in English, Spanish, Korean, Tamil, Nepali and Malayalam. And remember, in an emergency you can text or call 911.

Elder Abuse

Older adults are sometimes seen as ripe for victimization. That’s why we work to protect them and to aggressively target and prosecute those who would harm them physically or fiscally, in partnership with the LA Elders at Risk Task Force and the LA County Elder Abuse Forensic Center. If you have questions about elder abuse or need help, contact Deputy City Attorney Susan Strick of Elder Abuse Prosecution & Policy, by email, or phone, (213) 202-5400. In an emergency, text or call 911.

Environmental Justice Unit

This specialized prosecution unit pursues both criminal and civil actions to enforce state and city environmental protection ordinances. You can report illegal dumping in the City of Los Angeles to our Environmental Justice Unit

Gang Division

This City Attorney's Gang Division targets and disrupts gangs with a comprehensive approach combining law enforcement partnerships with suppression, intervention and prevention. 

Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence is a public health and safety crisis and a priority for the Office of Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. Learn about the numerous approaches we're taking to prevent gun violence, including the Gun Violence Prevention Unit and Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, the groundbreaking national partnership founded by LA City Attorney Mike Feuer and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr.

Gun Violence Restraining Orders / Red Flag Law 

Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVRO) can temporarily remove guns for 21 days from someone in crisis and in danger of hurting themselves or others. Also known as an Extreme Risk Protection Order or the Red Flag law - a GVRO may be a crucial first step in preventing tragedy. To learn how to apply for and received a Gun Violence Restraining Order, visit California Courts' Ask for a Gun Violence Restraining Order webpage.

Health Clinics

A list of 25 free and low cost health care clinics in and around Los Angeles as part of our work to disrupt the distribution of counterfeit and unlicensed pharmaceuticals and medicine.


An overview of our numerous programs and initiatives to help people experiencing homelessness, plus a summary of our work on homeless patient dumping, a list of important court cases and a FAQ.

Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART)

The Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART) administers the Los Angeles Homeless Court, which helps unhoused individuals or individuals at risk of experiencing homelessness clear traffic and pedestrian tickets by engaging in services instead of paying expensive fines and fees.

Homelessness FAQ and Helpful Definitions

Homeless Patient Dumping

Learn about our ongoing focus to stop the injumane practice of homeless patient dumping, which occurs when a health facility (hospital or skilled nursing facility) releases or discharges a patient including people experiencing homelessness onto the streets or to an unlicensed facility (shelter, half-way-house, crisis center) that cannot provide the care necessary for recovery. It is unconscionable.

Human Trafficking

According to the FBI, Los Angeles is a top destination for this modern-day form of slavery, a $32-billion industry second only to drugs in terms of criminal enterprise.

Meet Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney

Minimum Continuing Legal Education(MCLE)

This office is an authorized MCLE provider. Find out about the Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements, see upcoming courses and suggest trainings.

Neighborhood Justice Program

Neighborhood Justice is an innovative restorative justice program that allows some non-violent offenders to avoid court but still take responsibility for their actions. Offenders appear before a panel of community volunteers to discuss the crime, its harm to the victims and community and to determine an appropriate obligation. This program is currently seeking volunteers to add to its 350-strong army of community change agents.

Neighborhood Prosecutors

Neighborhood Prosecutors are local problem solvers who combat the most destructive community crimes like drug sales, prostitution, illegal dumping, graffiti and more. City Attorney Mike Feuer has tripled this innovative program and now there is one Neighborhood Prosecutor working with each of LAPD's community police stations, working to improve the quality of life in LA. Find and contact your local Neighborhood Prosecutor for help.

Neighborhood School Safety

The Neighborhood School Safety Program (NSSP) is a collaborative crime reduction strategy that promotes a safe environment in the neighborhoods surrounding schools and the routes students travel to and from school. The NSSP pairs intradepartmental resources with other available programs for the betterment of the community, engages parents and coordinates with local non-profits to develop Safe Passage programs. Email Sharee Sanders Gordon to find out about bringing the Neighborhood School Safety Program to your child's school.

Report Illegal Dumping

Report illegal dumping in the City of Los Angeles. It corrodes communities and must be stopped.

Scheduling Request

Invite City Attorney Mike Feuer to your next community meeting or zoom at this link. If it's less than two weeks away, please email us.

School Safety

Launched by City Attorney Mike Feuer after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, following eight meetings across LA, the Blue Ribbon Panel on School Safety issued 33 sweeping recommendations for keeping kids safer in school and in the neighborhoods around them. Read the report and learn about our esteemed panelists. 

Social Media Policy

The City Attorney's Social Media Policy covering our feeds on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor and LinkedIn.

Standard Provisions for City of LA Contracts

Tobacco Enforcement Program

The City Attorney's Tobacco Enforcement Program develops citywide tobacco-control policies and enforces tobacco-related laws. In addition to issuing permits to more than 4,000 tobacco retailers in LA, this unit creates numerous initiatives aiming to keep cigarettes and e-cigarettes. You can also learn about the new flavored tobacco retail sales ban on this page.

U-Visa Information

Learn about the U-Visa application process with information for individuals seeking a U-Visa, as well as attorneys and pro per petitioners.

Victim Assistance Program

The Victim Assistance Program within the City Attorney's Office is dedicated to serving victims of crime in LA with helpful advocates located throughout the city. Contact the Office of Mike Feuer, Los Angeles City Attorney, (213) 978-8100.