"Prop D strikes a balance between the needs of patients and the desire of neighborhoods to regulate the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries. We've gotten great momentum in our effort to aggressively enforce the will of the voters who enacted Proposition D." 


- Mike Feuer

Los Angeles City Attorney

Following the explosive growth of medical marijuana dispensaries, Proposition D was passed by Los Angeles voters in May, 2013 for the regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries. Since taking office, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has shut down more than 800 of the unlawful dispensaries throughout the city. 


Send an email to report problem dispensaries in your neighborhood:


ON PROPOSITION M (March 28, 2017)

The following is provided for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact an attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem or to answer any questions you may have regarding Proposition M.

Proposition M is a Los Angeles City ballot measure that was passed by Los Angeles City voters on March 7, 2017. Proposition M affirms the City Council’s power to revise and/or replace Proposition D with new local legislation relating to cannabis and medical cannabis after conducting public hearings. In the meantime, Proposition D remains in place.  Proposition M authorizes criminal penalties, nuisance abatement and increased civil fines in the amount of $20,000 per day and disconnection of utilities for unauthorized cannabis activities, beginning January 1, 2018.  Proposition M also sets new business taxes, effective January 1, 2018, for cannabis and medical cannabis related activity.

Proposition M itself does not set up a new licensing scheme for commercial cannabis activity in the City. Rather, Proposition M provides that the City Council will hold public hearings and enact new ordinances pertaining to cannabis and medical cannabis activity in calendar year 2017 to take effect in 2018. Interested persons should follow City Council and committee agendas for further information.


5/13/2016 - City Attorney Mike Feuer Secures Closure of Medical Marijuana Delivery Service; SpeedWeed to Cease Operations Next Month


3/17/2016 - City Attorney Mike Feuer Continues to Take South L.A. Neighborhood Back from Gangs; Gang-Controlled Narcotics Den and Illegal Medical Marijuana Dispensary Are Latest Targets


3/15/2016 - California Court of Appeal Upholds Preliminary Injunction Against Medical Marijuana Delivery App Maker


2/19/2016 - City Attorney Mike Feuer Seeks Injunction to Halt Marijuana Delivery Service


4/9/2015 - City Attorney Feuer Secures Closure of More Than 500 Unlawful Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


2/24/2015 - City Attorney Feuer Targets Cluster of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Harbor Area - Wins Temporary Restraining Order to Keep Wilmington Medical Marijuana Business Closed


12/23/2014 - City Attorney Feuer Secures Preliminary Injunction Against Medical Marijuana Delivery App Maker 


12/2/2014 - City Attorney Feuer Announces Closure of Over 400 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - Files Suite Against Medical Marijuana Delivery App Maker


8/28/2014 - City Attorney Feuer Wins Injunction Against Medical Marijuana Farmers Market 


7/14/2014 - City Attorney Feuer Seeks Injunction to Stop Continued Operation of "Farmer's Market" for Medical Marijuana


1/9/2014 - City Attorney Feuer Secures Permanent Injunctions Against Opening of a Medical Marijuana Business in Mar Vista - Marks First Action Which Includes a Real Estate Broker and Salesperson

***The document entitled "Proposition D: Existing Medical Marijuana Businesses Timely Registered Under ICO, TUO and Measure M" has been removed. This list did not confer any legal rights or grant any immunity to a specific MMB. The list was designed to let the public know which MMB's could potentially be immunized from enforcement actions based on their apparent satisfaction of three of the many requirements of Proposition D.  A court - not the city - must determine whether an MMB has met all of Proposition D's requirements. To eliminate any confusion as to the significance of the list, it has been removed.
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The Office of Mike Feuer

Los Angeles City Attorney

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Los Angeles, CA 90012 | 213-978-8100