Dispute Resolution / Mediation

If you have a conflict you wish to resolve, please click here to submit a request for service and a Dispute Resolution Program volunteer mediator will contact you as soon as possible.

The Office of LA City Attorney Mike Feuer is pleased to provide free & confidential Public Safety Mediation and Community Mediation to the residents and businesses of our city. These services are made possible in part through support from the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs and the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act.


Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates communication between parties to resolve their differences. It is a great option for individuals or businesses seeking alternatives to the traditional justice system. The process is completely voluntary, and each mediation is tailored to the parties’ specific issues and goals. 


In mediation, a neutral mediator assists disputing parties in resolving conflicts through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. Through this process, trained volunteer mediators help guide parties toward mutually agreeably resolutions, and oftentimes assist in restoring peace and harmony, and re-building relationships.


Operating Hours: 8am-5pm, Mon - Fri. In-person visits by appointment only and based on City visitor's protocol.


Public Safety Mediation

Public Safety Mediation is a collaboration with various public safety agencies, including:

•    Los Angeles Police Department and the Community-Police Unification Program (CPUP)
•    Los Angeles Fire Department and the Community Mediation Program (CMP)


This provides an opportunity to mediate selected complaints of discourtesy and bias with the purpose of building understanding and transforming the relationship between LA's public safety officers and the communities they serve. This process serves as an alternative to the traditional complaint investigation procedure, which lacks opportunity for understanding, closure and growth that mediation offers. For more information, email staff in the Dispute Resolution Program at mediate@lacity.org.

Community Mediation


Community Mediation brings people together to resolve issues including, but not limited to, the following: 

•    Landlord-Tenant
•    Homelessness
•    School Related
•    Neighbor to Neighbor
•    Consumer-Merchant 
•    Labor/Employment
•    Business to Business
•    Family/Domestic
•    LGBTQ+


Become a Mediator

The Dispute Resolution Program offers a free 40-hour, Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA)-qualified Basic Mediation Training to community members interested in learning valuable skills in communication, conflict de-escalation, conciliation and mediation – and volunteering as a Mediator in our Public Safety or Community Mediation program. These programs are volunteer-based and members of the community are trained and equipped to help mediate disputes in our community.* 


(*Conditional upon successful completion of a background check, 40-hour training and interview).

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