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Neighborhood Prosecutors

Neighborhood Prosecutors are local problem solvers who combat the most destructive community crimes like drug sales, prostitution, illegal dumping, graffiti and more. By addressing such criminal activity before it mushrooms into more serious offenses, they are making our city safer and improving quality of life.  

Neighborhood Prosecutors are big parts of the communities they serve, working from each of the 21 LAPD stations across the city. Find and connect with yours today. Note - Neighborhood Prosecutors cannot provide legal advice to the public.


Find Your Local

Neighborhood Prosecutor

1. Enter your address on the Neighborhood Information page of the Los Angeles City website.

2. Click on the orange "FIND" button.

3. Scroll down to the Public Safety section on the right. Look for "Neighborhood Prosecutor," and to the right of that, your local LAPD community station.

4. Neighborhood Prosecutors are listed below with their direct contact information by corresponding LAPD community stations. LAPD stations are grouped by bureau.

5. To search by LAPD station name, press Ctrl and F.

Man in a black suit and white shirt next to a woman with a blue shirt and gray sweater, outside and smiling, standing in front of a cardboard box filled with a nerf football and other toys.

LAPD Central Bureau Neighborhood Prosecutors

LAPD Central Station: 

Phone #:    /   email address:   

LAPD Hollenbeck:  Cynthia Gonzalez

Phone #:  (213) 978-2231  /  Email address:

Email Cynthia

Having grown up in a low-income household in the city of El Monte, she was part of a community that faced many quality of life problems. One of the first in her family to attend college, she graduated UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a specialization in Developmental Disabilities, earned her JD from UCLA Law School. While in law school, Ms. Gonzalez externed at the LA County Office of Independent Review and the LA County Public Defender's Office. After graduating law school and prior to joining the LA City Attorney's Office, Gonzalez served as a public defender for the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Massachusetts. She is fluent in Spanish.

LAPD Newton:  Paul Prissel

Phone #:  (213) 978-7840  / Email address:

Email Paul

Paul Prissel has prosecuted a wide-range of serious felony and misdemeanor cases as a criminal prosecutor, both with the LA City Attorney and LA County DA Offices. As a member of Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner’s Cabinet (Asst. Secretary of Commerce & Trade), he represented the Administration on key economic development initiatives and introduced mediation and dispute resolution processes within state government. Mr. Prissel also served as Deputy Chief Counsel with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce (Economic Development Administration). Paul holds a Master’s Degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, a Law and Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University and is a member of the California and New York State Bars.

LAPD Northeast:  Gabrielle Taylor

Phone #:  (213) 978-2230  /  Email address:

Email Gabrielle

A graduate of Loyola Law School, Gabrielle Porter Taylor spent many years as special prosecutor with our Family Violence Unit where she vigorously prosecuted domestic violence perpetrators and child abusers. Taylor came to the City Attorney’s Office in 2006, originally from the Riverside County District Attorney's office where she was a Deputy District Attorney. Taylor was an educator and administrator throughout LA, including Pico-Union, Boyle Heights and Watts.

LAPD Rampart:  Kurt Knecht

Phone #:  (213) 978-7793  /  Email address:

Email Kurt

A graduate of UCLA and UCLA Law School, Knecht has over 17 years of experience as a prosecutor for the LA City Attorney’s Office. While working in Criminal Division, he prosecuted over 100 jury trials to verdict with cases including Assault with a Deadly Weapon, DUI, Domestic Violence, Vehicular Manslaughter and Sexual Assault. Since Jan. 2013, Knecht has worked as a Neighborhood Prosecutor, most recently with the Central Division. In this capacity, he has worked closely with Central Division's Safer City Initiative (SCI) Officers and local Service Providers in coordinating homeless outreach. For the past two years he has been a volunteer crisis counselor for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services.

Leilany Roman, Legal Clerk
Phone #: (213) 978-7877  /  email address:
Email Leilany

Jennifer Tyler, Legal Clerk
Phone #: (213) 473-9948  /  email address:
Email Jennifer

Isabella Bolton Torres, Community Resource Specialist
Phone #:  (213) 978-7875  /  email address:
Email Isabella

Andrew Said, LAPD Central Bureau Neighborhood Prosecutor
Phone #:  (213) 507-4750  /  email address:
Email Andrew


LAPD South Bureau Neighborhood Prosecutors

LAPD 77th:  Michelle West

Phone #:  (213) 978-8186  /  Email address:

Email Michelle

Michelle West has been a prosecutor for more than 20 years. She began her legal career as a Deputy District Attorney in Tulare County. Following that, she served as a California Deputy Attorney General and as a Deputy District Attorney in Fresno County where she specialized in prosecuting cases involving adult and child sexual assault, human trafficking and child pornography. Before joining the City Attorney's Office, Michelle worked at the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney on the Big Island of Hawaii where she was the supervisor of the sexual assault unit. She received her undergraduate degree in Journalism from California State University, Northridge and her J.D from San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno. 

LAPD Southeast:  Todd Tristan

Phone #:  (213) 473-5794  /  Email address:

Email Todd

Todd Tristan holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and a Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School. Prior to joining the City Attorney's Office, Mr. Tristan served for 14 years as an Assistant United States Attorney at the United States Attorney's Office for the Central District of California. As a federal prosecutor and an accomplished trial lawyer, he litigated dozens of jury trials to conviction; presented multiple oral arguments on cases pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit; and organized and led teams of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to investigate, charge, and prosecute criminal matters, including bank fraud, health care fraud, money laundering, human smuggling, drug trafficking, firearm trafficking, bank robbery, identity theft, and domestic and international export offenses. In recognition of his leadership at the United States Attorney's Office, Mr. Tristan was named the Coordinator for the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, and the Coordinator for the U.S. Depertment of Justice gun-crime reduction initiative "Project Safe Neighborhoods." Mr. Tristan is involved in the community and volunteers his time year-round to coach youth recreational baseball.

LAPD Southwest:  Tia Strozier

Phone #:  (213) 978-8022   /  Email address:

Email Tia

A Los Angeles native, Ms. Strozier joined the City Attorney's office in 2014. She's prosecuted cases throughout the city. Recently, she partnered with LAPD, CHP and the community to reduce street racing in the North Valley. Ms. Strozier earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in race and culture from Hampton University and her law degree from Indiana University, Bloomington. She currently serves on the board of directors for the South Central Family Health Center and volunteers with local literacy outreach programs.

LAPD HARBOR: Khalil Rasheed (Interim)

Phone #:  (213) 978-2223  /  Email address:

Email Khalil

Khalil obtained a degree in Legal Communications from Howard University and a law degree from Georgetown University. He served as a law clerk for the Honorable Judge Cornelius Blackshear in the Southern District of New York. He left two weeks after the 9-11 attacks to study Arabic in Cairo, Egypt for a one year term. Khalil has worked in a variety of technology and governmental roles including for the Washington D.C. government, US Department of Justice, Sun Microsystems, Solectron Corporation, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and managed his own law practice. Inspired by L.A City Attorney Mike Feuer's community justice initiatives, Khalil began working with the L.A. City Attorney's Office in 2015. Khalil is also a Director of the Los Angeles City Attorney Faith Based Initiative and does outreach to religious communities. Khalil has facilitated City Attorney Mike Feuer's visit to several mosques in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Leilany Roman, Legal Clerk
Phone #:  (213) 978-7877  /  Email address:
Email Leilany

Jennifer Tyler, Legal Clerk
Phone #:  (213) 473-9948  /  Email address:
Email Jennifer

Nicole Deering, Community Resource Specialist
Phone:  (213) 978-7768  /  Email address:
Email Nicole

Khalil Rasheed, LAPD South Bureau Neighborhood Prosecutor
Phone:  (213) 978-2223  /  Email address:
Email Khalil


LAPD West Bureau Neighborhood Prosecutors

LAPD Hollywood:  Anthony King

Phone #:  (213) 978-2430  /  Email address:

Email Anthony

LAPD Olympic:  Daniel Lee

Phone #:  (213) 675-7124  /  Email address:

Email Daniel

Daniel Lee joined the LA City Attorney's Office in 2013 as a Prosecutor and has experience conducting trials and advocating for victims. He is a graduate of Southwestern Law School's two-year accelerated J.D. SCALE program. Daniel worked as a criminal defense attorney after graduating from law school, practicing in both LA and County and Orange County. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley and received his bachelor's degree from California State University, Northridge. Prior to becoming an attorney, Daniel worked tirelessly at his family’s restaurant. When Daniel is not in the office or in court, he enjoys watching both good and bad movies with his wife. 

LAPD Pacific:  Claudia Martin

Phone #:  (310) 202-3824  /  Email address:

Email Claudia

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she attended UCLA where she received a B.A. in History and graduated from Loyola Law School. Following her graduation from law school in 2003, she became a volunteer attorney for the City Attorney’s Safe Neighborhoods Division where she handled narcotic based evictions of nuisance tenants. In 2004, Martin formally joined the City Attorney Office’s and was assigned to the Central Trial Unit where she prepared and prosecuted a broad range of misdemeanor criminal cases. In 2006, Martin became a Neighborhood Prosecutor for the Pacific Division. She is fluent in Spanish.

LAPD West LA:  Veronica de la Cruz

Phone #: (310) 202-3861 / Email address:

Email Veronica

Verónica is a Los Angeles native and a proud product of Venice High School.  Verónica earned her Bachelors Degree in American Studies from Stanford University with a Department Specialization in Race and Ethnicity in the United States.  After earning her J.D. from UCLA School of Law, Verónica became a staff attorney for Neighborhood Legal Services, where she worked helping low income residents of the San Fernando Valley through its Housing and Consumer Unit.  Verónica has been a Deputy City Attorney with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office since 2001.  Through her past assignments, she has worked with many City agencies on quality of life issues. Verónica’s assignments with the City Attorney’s Office have been as a prosecutor in the Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program (CNAP), the Narcotics Enforcement Surveillance Team (NEST), the Housing Enforcement Section, and the School Safety Prosecutor Program.  She is assigned to the West Los Angeles Division and is fluent in Spanish.

LAPD Wilshire:  Mehrnoosh Zahiri / Naderi

Phone #:  (213) 978-2220  /  Email address:

Email Merhnoosh

Mehrnoosh Zahiri is the Neighborhood Prosecutor for the Wilshire Division. A Los Angeles native, Zahiri received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from UCLA, and her Juris Doctorate from Southwestern School of Law. She worked as an associate with the law firm of Dapeer, Rosenblit and Litvak, LLP., where she served as a City Prosecutor for numerous L.A. County cities. During those six years her emphasis was on improving quality of life issues. Zahiri worked closely with different Police, Code Enforcement, and Building and Safety Departments to reach the most appropriate and effective resolutions to a variety problems.

Leilany Roman, Legal Clerk
Phone #:  (213) 978-7877  /
Email Leilany

Jennifer Tyler Legal Clerk
Phone #:  (213) 473-9948  /  Email address:
Email Jennifer

Robbie Britton, Community Resource Specialist
Phone #:  (213) 473-5861  /  Email address:
Email Robbie

Ethan Weaver, LAPD West Bureau Neighborhood Prosecutor
Phone #:  (213) 978-7904  /  Email address:
Email Ethan


LAPD Valley Bureau Neighborhood Prosecutors


LAPD Devonshire:  Alin Sahagian

Phone#:  (818) 374-7534  /  Email address:

Email Alin

Alin began her criminal prosecutorial career working for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office in April of 2006 at Central Trials, prosecuting cases including: Domestic Violence, Prostitution, Loitering for Prostitution, Possession of Methamphetamine, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Battery, and Vandalism. Alin was formerly a vertical gang prosecutor in the South Los Angeles area and has prosecuted cases involving the Central City Recovery Zone, in addition to prosecuting gang, gun, and graffiti cases within the Safe Neighborhoods and Gang Division of the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office. Before working for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Criminal Branch, Alin worked at the City Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles World Airports. Alin obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and her Juris Doctorate degree from Pepperdine Law School. Alin is fluent in Armenian and Turkish.

LAPD Foothill:  Mark Ross

Phone #:  (818) 374-7580 /  Email address:

Email Mark

Before law school, Mr. Ross worked in the radio broadcast industry as a technical producer for a popular Los Angeles radio show. After leaving the radio industry, Mr. Ross graduated from Loyola Law School and became an Associate Attorney at an international employment law firm. Before joining the City Attorney’s Office, Mr. Ross worked in Fresno County as a Deputy District Attorney handling misdemeanor and felony cases. In Fresno County, Mr. Ross handled all stages of criminal prosecution from filing, through trial and appeal.

LAPD Mission:  Alvan Arzu

Phone #:  (818) 374-6836  /  Email address:

Email Alvan

Alvan Arzu is a Los Angeles native who received his Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School. While a student at Washington State University he was a member of their 1998 Rose Bowl team and a member of the University All-Academic Team. Arzu worked as a Deputy District Attorney in the Criminal Prosecution Division of the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office for over eight years. While in the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office, Arzu prosecuted over 300 cases including: felony assaults, robberies, thefts, burglaries, firearm and felony narcotics offenses. Arzu was a member of the Ventura County Judicial Evaluations Committee and a Director for the Ventura County Bar Association.


Phone #:  (213) 820-4961  /  Email address:

Email Kevin

Kevin Dufner began working for the City Attorney’s Office as a certified law clerk with Central Trials. After graduating from Pepperdine Law School, he returned as a volunteer attorney and prosecuted a variety of misdemeanor criminal cases. Kevin was subsequently hired into the Prosecution Technology Unit and assigned to the Metropolitan Branch. Kevin also has experience in public policy and governmental relations, having worked in Washington D.C. for a congressman prior to becoming a lawyer.

LAPD Topanga:  Karine Philips

Phone #:  (818) 374-6809  /  Email address:

Email Karine

Karine Philips was born in Moscow, Russia and immigrated to the United States settling in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Philips is a graduate of the University of Southern California Gould School of law and was hired by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office in 1997 where she was assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit. In that capacity, Philips handled spousal abuse, child abuse and elder abuse cases, until she left the office in 2006 to enter private practice. Philips is also fluent in Russian and Armenian. 

LAPD Van Nuys:  Andy Soliman

Phone #:  (818) 374-6835  /  Email address:

Email Andy

Deputy City Attorney Andy Soliman was born and raised in Southern California. After braving the cold winters at Boston College to earn his Juris Doctorate, he returned to California to practice law. He joined the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office in 2013 as a prosecutor and completed numerous jury trials to verdict. He became the Neighborhood Prosecutor of Van Nuys in 2019 and dedicates his time to matters of public safety and community mending.

LAPD West Valley:  Michael Liu

Phone #:  (818) 374-6837  /  Email address:

Email Michael

Michael Liu joined the City Attorney’s Office in 2014. During those years, he prosecuted a wide variety of misdemeanor cases ranging from petty theft, to domestic violence and DUI cases. Michael earned his Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern School of law and received his undergraduate degree from USC. Before joining the City Attorney’s Office, Michael worked with boutique firms specializing in business litigation. Michael hopes to bring all of his previous experience to work with neighbors and community members to help create effective solutions.

Alaina Cabunoc, Legal Clerk
Phone #:  (818) 374-6837  /  Email address:
Email Alaina

Cynthia Hernandez, Community Resource Specialist
Phone #:  (818) 374-6839  /  Email address:
Email Cynthia

Raffy Astvasadoorian, LAPD Valley Neighborhood Prosecutor
Phone #:  (818) 374-6837  /  Email address:
Email Raffy


City Attorney Neighborhood Prosecutor Program Leadership

Tamar Galatzan, Assistant Supervisor
Phone #:  (213) 978-7878  /  Email address:
Email Tamar
Armida Bayliff, Administrative Coordinator
Phone #:  (213) 473-5799  /  Email address:
Email Armida
Jessica Rodriguez, Legal Secretary
Phone #:  (213) 978-8039  /  Email address:
Email Jessica
Additional Numbers

(213) 978-7878,​ Main

(818) 374-6837, Valley

(213) 978-7714, Fax