Updated: Mar 17

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles man, Brandon Bell, 24, was charged with multiple criminal counts for allegedly striking an LAPD officer during a demonstration in Mid-City. A pre-trail hearing is scheduled for July 30, 2013 in Department 6 of the East Los Angeles Superior Court.

Defendant Bell was charged with one count of battery on a police officer, one count of disobeying the orders of a police officer and one count of resisting arrest. If convicted on all counts, Bell could face up to two years in jail.

On July 14, LAPD officers established a skirmish line in response to demonstrations over the George Zimmerman verdict near the intersection of 10th Avenue and Washington Boulevard in Mid-City Los Angeles. Defendant Bell was among a group of demonstrators that allegedly disregarded requests by officers to leave the area and continued to advance toward the line. When the Defendant came within arms-distance of one of the officers, he allegedly clenched his fist and punched him in the chest, ripping the name tag and pin from his uniform and driving him back off the line.

Officers were eventually able to push the demonstrators off the line when Defendant Bell ran back into the crowd. After demonstrators began throwing rocks, batteries and water bottles at officers, Defendant Bell allegedly returned to the line and started yelling at officers in an attempt to further incite the crowd. Officers attempted to arrest Defendant Bell after recognizing him as the suspect who allegedly hit the officer. After allegedly initially resisting arrest and attempting to again retreat back into the crowd, Defendant Bell was placed under arrest and transferred to LAPD Wilshire Division.