Updated: Mar 17

LOS ANGELES – A Court has granted, at the request of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, a permanent gang injunction to curb the dangerous criminal activity of six rival gangs located within the Glendale Corridor. The permanent order, signed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Abraham Khan, establishes a 3.8 square-mile Safety Zone enjoining members of the Big Top Locos, Crazys, Diamond Street Locos, Echo Park Locos, Frogtown and Head Hunters criminal street gangs.

Judge Khan’s ruling found that each of the six defendant gangs is a criminal street gang and that a public nuisance is caused by the conduct and activities of each of the gangs in the Safety Zone.

“We’ve got to be tough on violent gang activity, and gang injunctions such as this one in the Glendale Corridor are an important step,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. “But we should complement this approach with an array of strategies to deter and prevent gang activity in the first place. That’s why my office is working with families, schools, elected officials, city departments and the community as a whole on measures including safe passages for kids to schools, prevention and intervention programs, improved city services such as street lighting and nuisance abatement of properties tied to crime.”

Rival gangs named in the injunction have clashed for many years, resulting in murders, shootings, aggravated assaults and extensive graffiti vandalism. The permanent injunction is only effective against active members of the six gangs within the designated Safety Zone and can only be enforced against an individual after they are personally served with the signed court order. Prior to service, LAPD gang experts must submit to the City Attorney’s Office admissible evidence that the person to be served is a current, active gang member.

“It is essential that we provide incentives for gang members to turn their lives around,” said Feuer. “For the first time in Los Angeles this gang injunction contains a five-year limit on the application of the injunction to the individuals covered by it. At the end of that period individuals will be removed from the injunction if they haven’t engaged in criminal behavior.” The Safety Zone is bound by the Los Angeles River to the north, the 110 (Harbor) freeway to the east, First Street to the south and N. Coronado Street to the west and includes the newly renovated Echo Park Lake and the area around Dodger Stadium. The injunction enjoins served members of the gang with standard gang injunction provisions, including prohibiting association with other gang members in public, intimidating or harassing members of the community, possessing firearms or narcotics or possessing alcohol in public. The permanent injunction is designed to work in conjunction with existing gang injunctions that surround the proposed Safety Zone.

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