Updated: Nov 13, 2020

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced his office is seeking an injunction against the owner of a south Los Angeles motel known as a hub for criminal gang activity and located near two schools. The City Attorney’s narcotics and gang nuisance abatement lawsuit is seeking an injunction and court-ordered improvements to the property in order to curb alleged rampant narcotics sales and gang activity by the Florencia 13 criminal street gang . The Las Palmas Motel, located at 7913 South Main Street, is within three blocks of Fremont High School and the 75th Street Elementary School

“My Office will do everything in our power to make neighborhoods safe,” said City Attorney Mike Feuer.

“The Property has been, for years, a notorious stronghold and refuge for members and associates of the Florencia 13 criminal street gang and members/associates of other gangs with which Florencia 13 co-exists,” state’s the City Attorney’s complaint. “These gang members/associates – often armed – come and go from the Property at will without intervention by the Property’s owner, and are almost always present there, whether they are paying, registered occupants of the Motel, or not. The Property has become “safe” for these individuals, such that, among other things, they will blatantly sell drugs there, dump and strip stolen cars in the parking lot, and drag a victim off the street to the Motel to commit a knife -point robbery. This noxious dynamic at the Motel corrodes public safety – including that of several young children currently living at the Motel -- and causes a significantly disproportionate drain on law enforcement resources.”

The injunction seeks to enjoin the Las Palmas Motel’s owner, Galo Naranjo, Jr. and his employees from possessing, selling or manufacturing narcotics on the property. The lawsuit also seeks court-ordered physical and managerial improvements including: internet-connected video monitoring system accessible by the LAPD, improved lighting, a secure gate at the parking lot entry, improved screening and registration procedures, armed licensed security guards, and the prohibition of known gang members from accessing the property.

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