Updated: Mar 17

Los Angeles -- City Attorney Mike Feuer today filed suit against Allenco Energy Inc., alleging violations of environmental protection laws and regulations at Allenco’s oil field in University Park. The suit seeks a permanent injunction requiring Allenco to comply fully with all relevant laws and regulations. The complaint states, “Although Allenco temporarily has chosen to suspend operations at its oil facility, the health and safety of the community can effectively be ensured only by preventing Allenco from re-opening until it has complied fully with applicable law and no longer poses an imminent threat to public health.”

“For years the residents living near Allenco have complained about noxious odors and debilitating health problems,” said City Attorney Mike Feuer. “No community should have to live this way, with windows shut, children kept indoors to protect their health, and neighbors seeking relief from intolerable conditions. That is why I’ve filed this lawsuit today.”

As the complaint asserts, “Among the violations of the statutes and rules designed to ensure the safety of its neighbors and first responders committed by Allenco, it has failed to maintain mandated fire suppression systems, failed to comply with water quality control requirements, failed to provide any information regarding the location and type of stored hazardous materials, failed to file hazardous materials response plans, and more.”

The Allenco oil field is located in a primarily low-income residential neighborhood which is close to day care centers, elementary, middle and high schools, including a school for the developmentally disabled and Mt. St. Mary’s College.

“I want to thank our regulatory partners for their help in our investigation and I especially appreciate the indefatigable leadership of Senator Barbara Boxer on this issue,” said Feuer.

Assistant City Attorney Patricia Bilgin and Deputy City Attorney Elise Ruden of the City Attorney’s Environmental Justice Unit are spearheading the litigation.