Updated: Mar 17

LOS ANGELES -- Continuing his focus on ending patient dumping, today City Attorney Mike Feuer announced an agreement with Pacifica Hospital of the Valley to adopt thorough and humane discharge policies and pay $500,000 to homeless services providers including Integrated Recovery Network, Downtown Women’s Center, Union Rescue Mission, Venice Family Clinic, Midnight Mission and L.A. Family Housing. Pacifica will also pay the City Attorney's investigative costs.

The agreement stems from an incident in January where allegedly Pacifica improperly discharged a homeless patient with a grave mental disability and transported the individual to Skid Row.

"Patient dumping has no place in our society, and my Office will do everything possible to end this inhumane practice," said City Attorney Mike Feuer. In January, Feuer announced a settlement in a patient dumping case with Beverly Community Hospital.

"Pacifica Hospital of the Valley is committed to offering patients excellent care and to implementing discharge policies that assure that when a patient leaves our hospital, that the patient’s re-entry into society is done in a respectful and humane manner," said Dr. Ayman Mousa, President & CEO of Pacifica Hospital of the Valley. Pacifica Hospital of the Valley does not concede any wrongdoing and has cooperated with the City Attorney’s Office throughout this process.

Deputy City Attorney Will Pirkey handled the case.

In addition, Feuer and his office are engaged in ongoing discussions with the Hospital Association of Southern California over the content of model patient discharge policies that could be employed by all hospitals in the region. In coming weeks Feuer and the Hospital Association will convene a meeting with the Association’s membership to discuss model discharge policies.