Updated: Feb 13

LOS ANGELES—The Office of City Attorney Mike Feuer announced today he is taking two significant actions to address the nearly two-month old Aliso Canyon gas leak in Porter Ranch. First, Feuer is asking a court to issue a Temporary Restraining Order to enhance and hasten the relocation of families affected by the leak. His Office also is seeking to depose, under penalty of perjury, key Southern California Gas Company employees.

"It's time Porter Ranch residents had direct and complete answers about all facets of this leak, including what caused it, how to stop it, and what will be done to assure it never happens again," said Feuer’s Chief Deputy, James P. Clark. "They should also receive better, quicker, and completely adequate relocation assistance.”

If granted the Temporary Restraining Order would:

• Require So Cal Gas to pay for one or more Special Masters, preferably retired judges, to oversee the relocation of all residents of the affected area who wish to relocate temporarily.

• Order So Cal Gas to make available, at its sole expense, appropriate temporary relocation housing to each resident requesting relocation within 48 hours of receiving the request.

• Make appropriate accommodations for persons with disabilities.

• Provide boarding for pets in the affected area.

The City Attorney’s Application for a Temporary Restraining Order will be heard tomorrow, December 23rd, 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 324 in the Central Civil West Courthouse of the Los Angeles Superior Court. 600 South Commonwealth, Los Angeles.

Among the subjects that will be addressed in the depositions of the So Cal Gas employees will be:

• The causes of the leak

• What efforts have been undertaken to stop the leak

• The contemplated date that the leak will be stopped

• What measures are being taken, and what assurances can be given, that a similar leak will not occur at an adjacent So Cal Gas well at Aliso Canyon

• The volume and chemical composition of the gas that has been leaked from the Aliso Canyon Well

• What efforts are being undertaken to mitigate the profound negative effects of the greenhouse gas emissions from the leak

• The efficacy of air filtration systems made or to be made available by So Cal Gas to alleviate negative health effects caused by the leak

• The status of efforts to relocate residents wishing to leave the area affected by the leak, why delays and other difficulties have been encountered by so many families wishing to relocate, and the adequacy of the selected relocation sites and facilities

Depositions could be taken as early as January 7th.

On October 23rd, a leak was discovered at Southern California Gas’ Aliso Canyon natural gas facility. In the ensuing two months, hundreds of residents have reported nosebleeds, nausea, dizziness, and headaches due to the gas leak. In addition, thousands of residents have relocated out of the area, and last week the Los Angeles Unified School District closed the two schools in Porter Ranch.