California Court of Appeal Upholds Preliminary Injunction Against Medical Marijuana Delivery App Mak

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

LOS ANGELES - City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced his office has won a ruling from the 2nd District Court of Appeal affirming a preliminary injunction against medical marijuana delivery app operator NESTDROP. The ruling affirms the City’s position that Proposition D prohibits marijuana deliveries.

“This ruling is a significant step forward in our effort to stop medical marijuana delivery services,” said Feuer. “Marijuana deliveries violate Prop D and flout the will of the voters who enacted it.”

The Court of Appeal’s ruling upholds a preliminary injunction, granted in December 2014, against NESTRDOP, a smartphone application that facilitates illegal medical marijuana delivery. The injunction will prohibit the operators of the app from facilitating deliveries of medical marijuana in the City and directs the app to be modified accordingly.

The City Attorney took civil action last month to halt Speed Weed, a marijuana delivery and distribution business.

Since Feuer took office, 716 medical marijuana businesses have closed across the City. The City Attorney’s Office has also filed 365 criminal cases against 1,444 defendants. Criminal cases filed by the City Attorney are against both business operators as well as property owners.

A copy of the ruling is here.

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