Updated: Feb 13

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office has secured the shutdown of SpeedWeed, a marijuana delivery and distribution business, for violating voter approved Proposition D.

"This is another successful step in our sustained effort to uphold the voters' will under Proposition D.," said Feuer.

Cosmic Mind, a corporation doing business as SpeedWeed, and its corporate officers, have entered into a judicially enforced agreement to shutter their operations in the City of Los Angeles effective June 6, 2016.

Since at least July, 2014, SpeedWeed allegedly has operated a sophisticated and wide-ranging marijuana distribution and delivery service. Customers order marijuana online or over the telephone and have it delivered within approximately one hour from one of at least seven delivery centers throughout the Los Angeles area. Proposition D does not provide immunity from enforcement for a medical marijuana business comprised of a vehicle that is transporting, delivering or distributing medical marijuana. Nor does Proposition D provide immunity for any delivery centers physically located within the City.

Since Feuer took office, 763 medical marijuana businesses have closed across the City. The City Attorney’s Office has also filed 389 criminal cases against 1,531 defendants. Criminal cases brought by the City Attorney are typically filed against both business operators and property owners.

In addition to the SpeedWeed litigation, Feuer has taken civil action to halt the proliferation of medical marijuana businesses, including securing an injunction closing a medical marijuana farmers market in July, 2014, and another against the Nestdrop smartphone medical marijuana delivery app in December 2014. The Nestdrop injunction was recently affirmed by an appeals court. In addition, the City Attorney has enjoined businesses facilitating violations of Proposition D, including a firm that was providing security guards to multiple illegal medical marijuana businesses throughout the City.

Proposition D was passed overwhelmingly by Los Angeles voters in May 2013 to further regulate medical marijuana businesses in the City.

Read the stipulated agreement about the shutdown of the medical marijuana delivery app, Speedweed.