City Attorney Mike Feuer Secures Two Year Jail Sentence Against Harbor-Area Man for Seriously Injuri

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office has secured a two year jail sentence against a Harbor-area man for seriously injuring his 11 month old baby.

“Harming any child is horrendous. Harming one’s own child is unthinkable,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. “My Office will do everything in our power to protect children and hold those who hurt them accountable. Deputy City Attorney Lara Schwartz has done her usual fantastic job prosecuting this case and standing up for abused kids.”

Lamar Roockard, 28, entered a plea of no contest to four criminal counts including: two counts of child endangerment likely to cause serious bodily injury or death; one count of child physical abuse; and one count of battery with serious bodily injury. He was sentenced to two years in county jail, 48 months of summary probation, one year of psychological counseling, a prohibition about being alone with minors, a stay away protective order, weapons conditions, and force and violence conditions.

On April 6, 2014, Roockard called 911 at 6:50 in the morning because his 11-month old baby girl was allegedly having problems breathing while they were staying at a motel in Wilmington. The paramedics arrived and the unconscious baby and was transported to Harbor/ UCLA hospital. Hospital officials observed bruising on the child’s face, eight fractured ribs, retinal hemorrhages, a liver laceration, kidney fracture, bruising throughout torso area front and back, and bleeding into the lungs. Doctors at the hospital immediately called LAPD officers to investigate the incident.

The victim’s maternal grandmother now has custody of the child.

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