Updated: Feb 18

Man at a black podium with a City of Los Angeles seal affixed to it in front of 10 people sitting in front of him and a man and woman to his left leaning against a wall.

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today recognized the many service providers involved in a year-long collaboration offering services and other assistance to hundreds of homeless individuals across the city in order to settle outstanding legal issues and enable them to get off the streets and turn their lives around.

“Our Homeless Citation Clinics offer a unique opportunity to break free from what can seem like a hopeless cycle in the court system. We are empowering people to turn their lives around,” said Feuer. “I'm extremely grateful for funding by Los Angeles County and proud of our partnerships with outstanding organizations whose services help out our participants back on their feet."

Originally conceived from a grant from the County of Los Angeles funding six Homeless Citation Clinics, over the course of the past 12 months, the City Attorney’s Office has expanded the program to conduct 12 Homeless Citation Clinics across the county including Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Venice, San Pedro, Sylmar, Long Beach and the Antelope Valley. During that time, 1,349 individuals have attended the clinics and 347 criminal citations have been dismissed following submission of proof of completion of community obligation hours or receiving needed services. Clinic participants have completed more than 5,638 community service hours as a result.

The Homeless Citation Clinics allow participants to have citations and related fines removed from their records in exchange for performing community service and taking advantage of housing and other services. The clinics have included over 100 service providers including New Directions, Project 180, Saban Community Clinic, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, Chrysalis, The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, Los Angeles LGBT Center, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, the Weingart Center and others. These providers have been the crucial link in providing connections to housing, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, and employment and job training. Representatives from the City Attorney’s Office also work with other jurisdictions to resolve citations outside the City of Los Angeles and resolve other cases before dismissal according to the requirements of the clinic.

Now in its second year, there are already five Homeless Citation Clinics slated for the months of October and November.