L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer: On Repeated Attempts to Obtain Information on Travel Ban and Treatmen

Updated: Feb 12

- The Honorable John Kelly

Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

- Kevin K. McAleenan

Acting Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

- Mitchell Merriam

Area Port Director, Los Angeles International Airport

- The Honorable Jeff Sessions

Attorney General of the United States

- President Donald Trump:

Prompted by reports that visa and green card holders were detained or denied entry at LAX, I sought to intervene with federal officials at our airport on January 28. I was stonewalled -- even re: whether federal employees were complying with a court order. I was promised a high-ranking federal official would contact me on January 29. To date, no contact. Last week I sent you this letter seeking answers regarding the unlawful treatment of legal immigrants at LAX. Again, no response. Outrageous. Now reports indicate LAX detainees suffered deplorable conditions -- little or no food or water for hours. As L.A.'s chief lawyer and prosecutor, my next step will be a Freedom of Information Act request. Enough stonewalling. Enough obfuscation. We are not going away.

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