Updated: Feb 18

Official photograph of Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, in front of the American flag and the flag of Callifornia, in a dark suit with a light blue shirt and red and blue tie.

I’m grateful to the people of Los Angeles for giving me the opportunity to continue to serve as City Attorney. During my first term we’ve reached out to our neighborhoods, improving the quality of life across Los Angeles and tackling issues that matter: standing up for consumers against Wells Fargo and other powerful interests; making neighborhoods around our schools safer; pursuing creative strategies to address homelessness; combating patient dumping on Skid Row; fighting environmental polluters; leading efforts here and across the nation to reduce gun violence; engaging community members in criminal justice reform and much more.

We’re on the front lines, taking on our City’s problems with energy and innovation. But there is much yet to do, including confronting the many challenges emerging from the Administration in Washington. These are uncertain times, but our office stands ready to fight for all our residents, allaying fears and bringing our City together.

Please join me. Sign up for updates. And consider teaming up with us--whether to solve an issue on your block, or address a matter of citywide significance.

Thanks again for your trust and confidence,