Updated: May 8

LOS ANGELES--City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced the City of Los Angeles has joined a coalition of local municipalities opposed to President Trump’s revised Executive Order commonly known as the travel ban. The Cities of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles joined with jurisdictions across the nation in an amicus brief in State of Washington, et al. v. Donald J. Trump, et al. filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.

"All the window dressing in the world won't magically transform a travel ban that's unconstitutional at its core into a lawful order," said Feuer. "Los Angeles proudly stands with cities across the nation at this perilous time, when many of our nation's most fundamental principles hang in the balance."

"The travel ban targets people indiscriminately and is far out of step with the values of religious tolerance and equality that we believe in as Americans," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Cities are coming together to lead this fight because we understand the urgency of working together to keep our country safe — and doing it in a way that honors our shared humanity, celebrates our diversity, and does not turn away from the ideals that define who we are."

Prompted by reports that visa and green card holders were detained or denied entry at LAX, Feuer sought to intervene with federal officials at LAX the night of January 28. When Feuer’s efforts were rebuffed by these officials, Feuer sent this letter to top federal authorities seeking answers regarding the unlawful treatment of legal immigrants at LAX. When reports indicated LAX detainees suffered deplorable conditions - for example, receiving little or no food or water for hours - Feuer submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the federal government last month.

Feuer’s office joined an amicus brief in February opposing the original travel ban.

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