Updated: Feb 24

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office, in partnership with LA IMPACT, has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the owners of a Highland Park home where, allegedly, large scale cocaine sales take place and an unlicensed childcare business is being operated. Within the past month, more than 20 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated $430,000 in wholesale value were recovered at the property.

"The rampant drug activity we allege at this home is a dangerous blight on the community—and especially alarming because little kids are caught up in the middle of it. Imagine if your children were being cared for in the same house where cocaine was being sold," said Feuer. "My office will do everything in our power to shut down what we allege is an incredibly toxic combination of illegal drugs and day care."

The lawsuit names Felipe Talamante and Garcia Talamante, the owners of a multi-unit residential property located at 5215 Marmion Way in Northeast Los Angeles. For at least the past two years the property allegedly has been known by law enforcement as a site for the distribution of narcotics and heavily frequented by drug users and buyers. The location allegedly is also being used as an unlicensed child care center for children between two and seven years old and is located within 900 feet of Monte Vista Elementary School.

In 2015 a search warrant was executed on the property, resulting in the arrest of defendant Felipe Talamante and the recovery of 20 kilograms of cocaine. In May 2017, a second search warrant was served resulting in the recovery of an additional 20 kilograms of cocaine as well as two rocks of cocaine and digital sales. Defendant Felipe Talamante was again taken into custody for narcotics sales and child endangerment.

The City Attorney’s lawsuit alleges: Investigators observed children being dropped off at the home throughout the day as part of an illegal day care business and numerous children were observed playing on the patio where criminal activity was taking place. The recovered cocaine was found in the same room with a child size mattress where the children would allegedly nap.

The lawsuit seeks the closure of the property and monetary penalties, costs of the law enforcement investigation and attorney’s fees. The City Attorney will also seek a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to shut down the illegal day care center.

Inaugurated in July 1991, the Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force (L.A. IMPACT) is the brainchild of the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association. The task force is a compilation of numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles County whose primary focus is to investigate major crimes, with an emphasis on dismantling mid to major level drug trafficking organizations.

Since July, 2013, City Attorney Feuer has expanded his Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program and has filed 86 abatement lawsuits and obtained 89 injunctions requiring comprehensive physical and managerial improvements to nuisance properties. In this same time period, the office has successfully secured the closure of seven gang/narcotics locations and recovered $1.25 million in costs and fees. Feuer also recently established an easy-to-use online method through which residents may report properties with gang and/or narcotics activity in their neighborhoods. He's asking residents to report problem properties by calling his office at (213) 978-8340 or visiting this page. All reports may be made anonymously.