Updated: Feb 24

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office has successfully secured a conviction and strict probation conditions against a downtown Los Angeles man for allegedly repeatedly creating dangerous conditions on sidewalks by dousing them in baby oil as he would dance to loud amplified music while high on narcotics.

"This type of reckless behavior creates a public safety risk and greatly diminishes the quality of life for our neighbors," said Feuer. "Thanks to close community partnerships we were able to address this problem and work with other city agencies to find a sustainable solution."

Todd Winic, 44, plead no contest to two criminal counts including one count of drug possession and one count of pouring oil in the street or sidewalk. Judge Allison Estrada sentenced Winic to 30 days in jail as well as three years of probation with conditions including prohibitions against putting oil or any slippery substance on the street or sidewalk; dancing on either oil or a slipper substance on the sidewalk; or playing amplified music on the street or sidewalk.

For the past couple of years, Winic is alleged to have poured ample amounts of baby oil on the sidewalk while high on methamphetamines in order to dance to amplified music played from a handheld boom box. As a result of this routine, it is alleged that the slick conditions on the sidewalks have become a danger to pedestrians resulting in one woman slipping and breaking her hip. Residents have also complained to law enforcement about the excessive noise from the boom box disturbing the neighborhood.

Winic was previously convicted for similar conduct in 2015.

Neighborhood Prosecutor Kurt Knecht successfully prosecuted the case.