City Attorney Mike Feuer Statement on the Supreme Court Letting California Gun Control Laws Stand

"Today is a significant day for gun violence prevention in California as the Supreme Court let two important laws stand. The first requires a 10-day waiting period before a gun can be purchased, even if the buyer already owns a gun. This waiting period provides for both a background check and a cooling off period, diminishing the possibility the buyer will harm himself or others. The second law directs a portion of the transfer fee from the sale of guns to California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System, which works to keep guns away from people who are precluded from having them.

In the wake of the shooting in Parkland--and given that 96 Americans die from gun violence each day--our country’s leaders should look to California for steps our nation can take to combat this crisis. Instead of more hollow expressions of thoughts and prayers, we need action. Anything less dishonors the lives of those who perished."

Mike Feuer

Los Angeles City Attorney

Co-Chair, Prosecutors Against Gun Violence

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