Updated: Feb 26

City Attorney Mike Feuer at podium with Councilmember Nury Martinez at an outdoor news conference, with two other people, across the street from the tan Hyland Motel.

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the Hyland Motel in Van Nuys seeking an injunction to curb alleged rampant drug sales, prostitution, and violent gang crime.

The lawsuit is part of a sustained and concentrated effort by Feuer and law enforcement targeting properties that allegedly are magnets for gangs, guns, narcotics and other criminal activity including abatements lawsuits filed against property owners across the city.

"Families should not have to tolerate illegal behavior in their own backyard," said Feuer. "We will seek an injunction to hold these owners accountable for their property. We need to stop the crime and take back our communities."

"Let this serve notice to business owners who are creating havens for criminal activity in our neighborhoods, we are not going to let this continue," said Los Angeles City Councilmember Nury Martinez. "We are bringing every resource available from the City to deal with this problem - an issue I have been committed to since I took office."

The lawsuit names Vimal Inc., Vimal Nanu Patel, Nanubhai M. Patel, and Lalitaben N. Patel, the owners of the Hyland Motel, an approximately 40-room motel located at 7041 Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys. The lawsuit alleges the operators have enabled criminal activity at the property by failing to implement and maintain reasonable management practices.

The Hyland Motel is allegedly used as a base from which individuals, including known gang members, store or sell narcotics from the motel rooms and parking lot. Since 2015 alone, there have been at least three dozen arrests or other violent criminal activities at or connected to the property, including the purchase of cocaine and methamphetamine on the property on three separate occasions from three different dealers within the past month. In December, LAPD officers recovered heroin, methamphetamine and narcotics packaging material from a known gang member living at the motel for at least six months, who had equipped his room with counter-surveillance equipment.