Updated: Mar 3

A brown and rusty side of a garbage dumpster with the words "caution asbestos." stenciled in white letters.

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office has filed 19 criminal charges against a Tarzana commercial property owner and a tenant for allegedly improperly removing hazardous asbestos material during a demolition and renovation project in violation of state regulations and rules.

"Exposure to asbestos can be deadly," said Feuer. "We have asbestos removal regulations for a reason, to protect public health and safety. Property owners have a responsibility to follow those laws."

"This was an egregious violation that put the health and safety of the residents and construction workers in danger," said Wayne Nastri, South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (AQMD) executive officer. "It is our hope that partnering with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office will prevent further incidences of this kind from happening again."

Tzvika M. Diner, the owner of a multi-unit commercial property located at 18434 Oxnard Avenue in Tarzana, and Shay Grinberg, the owner of Clear Horizon Home Solutions, Inc., and a tenant at the property, were each charged, along with their corporations, with one count of disposal of hazardous waste and nine counts of violating AQMD rules and regulations. Furthermore, Diner and his corporation, 18434 Oxnard, LLC, were each charged with nine additional criminal counts for AQMD violations.

The complaint alleges that Grinberg, a licensed contractor, remodeled a unit of the building that Diner’s corporation owns; Diner is also a licensed contractor. During the course of the renovation, between November 13 through November 30, 2017, an acoustic ceiling in the unit, containing asbestos, was removed in violation of numerous California regulations regarding asbestos emission from demolition and renovation activities.

A referral was made to AQMD by a neighbor who observed the alleged renovation procedures. The case was submitted by AQMD to the City Attorney’s Office following a thorough investigation.

Deputy City Attorney Ella Fernandez of Feuer’s Environmental Justice Unit is prosecuting the Case.