Updated: Mar 3

Los Angeles--When City Attorney Mike Feuer sued The Weather Channel App earlier this month alleging deceptive practices designed to amass users’ private and personal location data, a spokesman for parent company IBM responded emphatically, "The Weather Company has always been transparent with use of location data; the disclosures are fully appropriate, and we will defend them vigorously." But now The Weather Channel App has made an about face and has provided a more robust and transparent pop-up disclosing both that it shares location data with third parties, and uses it for advertising. The new pop-up reads: “We use and share your location data as disclosed in our privacy policy, including to provide you with personalized local weather data, alerts, and geographically relevant advertising." Whether this revised disclosure is indeed sufficient under the law will be determined through continued litigation.

"Clearly this change in policy is tantamount to a public admission that, contrary to IBM’s response to our lawsuit, The Weather Channel App was not transparent with its use of location data, and its disclosures were far from 'fully appropriate,'" said Feuer. "We allege in our lawsuit that The Weather Channel App misled its users and was not forthcoming with how it sold users’ personal information to third parties or used it for advertising. The App's about face confirms why we sued in the first place. Our litigation will proceed as we fight to vindicate The Weather Channel App users' rights, and to ensure the App's disclosures are and remain appropriate in light of their business operations."