Updated: Mar 2

LOS ANGELES - In his weekly video address, City Attorney Mike Feuer discussed this week’s incidents of hate here in the city and also in Chicago and the rise in hate crimes to a ten year high.

"What’s happening? What’s happening around the world, our nation, and here in Los Angeles?," said Feuer. "Well we know the politics of division have an audience."

Feuer discussed the recent hate events at two Armenian schools in the Valley, a synagogue in Tarzana and against an African American-LGBT actor in Chicago.

The City Attorney reached out to the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission to re-instate a program he created as a City Councilmember called "Shoulder To Shoulder." The program takes middle school kids from different races, religions, locations and socio-economic backgrounds and brings them together to work shoulder-to-shoulder on common purposes on a sustained basis.

Feuer concluded his message with an invitation, "Won’t you join me in this quest to assure that the voices of division are silenced by the stronger voices that express our unity?"

Watch the video.

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