Updated: Mar 5

City Attorney Mike Feuer holding a box of Rainbow Light brand prenatal vitamins in each hand at press conference.

Los Angeles – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office has reached a $1.75-million settlement, including $1.5-million in consumer restitution, with Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, LLC (“Rainbow Light”) and affiliated companies—all owned by The Clorox Company—that will meaningfully reduce the lead to which pregnant mothers and their fetuses are exposed. Watch video of the press conference on Facebook.

The case began after the City Attorney’s office noted Rainbow Light had advertised its vitamins as “free of heavy metals” and claimed to have been made with materials “with the lowest detectable lead level” on the market. Yet when Feuer’s office had an independent, third-party lab test Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins, test results showed that they were not, in fact, “free of heavy metals,” and that they contained detectable levels of lead. After Feuer’s office brought these results to Rainbow Light’s attention, the company cooperated in resolving this matter and quickly removed its allegedly misleading advertising.

Feuer’s office then pursued Rainbow Light to reduce the lead in Rainbow Light’s prenatal products. The result is a groundbreaking settlement under which Rainbow Light agrees to a rigorous testing protocol that will further reduce the level of lead in its prenatal vitamins well beneath existing state and federal standards.

“Scientists agree there is no safe level of lead for pregnant moms and their developing fetuses. Those moms have the right to expect the safest possible prenatal vitamins,” said Feuer. “This settlement not only stops Rainbow Light’s allegedly false advertising, it commits the company to rigorous testing and reporting that will meaningfully reduce exposure to lead.”

The settlement reflects the current scientific consensus that lead exposures should be reduced as much as possible. Under Proposition 65, California businesses are generally req