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Los Angeles— City Attorney Mike Feuer today opened up another new front in his work to protect public health, especially for youth. The CDC reports that there are at least 805 injuries due to vaping and 1 related deaths. This comes on the heels of Feuer’s office releasing a report last week to the City Council recommending a ban on flavored tobacco. On Friday the City Attorney announced a settlement with a vaping company for allegedly selling and marketing to youth.

Feuer, standing with California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, announced that his office has launched “Your Body Knows.” Produced by the DTLA agency Sensis, it’s a multi-lingual educational campaign consisting of video spots for television, online and movie theaters, a website, social media, outdoor advertising and a series of community engagement opportunities all aimed at giving kids and their parents the facts about the harmful health impacts of vaping. Grant-funded through the Office of the Attorney General via the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act (Proposition 56), “Your Body Knows” aims to counter the skyrocketing rates of youth vaping, which almost doubled from 2017-2018, and engage parents in this crucial effort.

“The vaping industry is reaping profits, but it's our kids who pay the price—by putting their health on the line,” said Feuer. "We're in the midst of a vape-centered public health emergency, with 20 percent of high-schoolers vaping and a crush of vape-related illness and death whose primary victims are young people. The vaping industry tries to mask these risks with kid-friendly flavors and celebrity marketing, but it won't get away with it. If the industry won't tell the truth about the chemicals vapers inhale, the risks of asthma and cancer and the increased likelihood vapers will start smoking traditional cigarettes, we will."

“We are facing a public health crisis that must be addressed from all angles,” said Attorney General Becerra. “The California Department of Justice’s Tobacco Grant Program provides cities and local governments across California with the resources to combat the rise of tobacco use amongst minors. We are proud of the campaign the City of Los Angeles is launching to educate communities on the negative impacts of vaping. We look forward to continuing our work to tackle this crisis head-on.”

The City Attorney’s Tobacco Enforcement Program (TEP), another public health component within the office, is responsible for the enforcement, implementation and development of citywide tobacco control policies as well as the oversight of 4,000 tobacco retailers. Its overarching goal is to reduce the sale of tobacco products to people under 21 years old. TEP provides anti-tobacco and anti-vaping outreach to parents, students, community groups, law enforcement and school administrators while managing the Responsible Retailer education program for stores near schools that sell tobacco and vape products.

“Your Body Knows” is online in English and Spanish at:

Disobey Vape (kids):



Disobey Vape (parents):




About Mike Feuer

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has long been one of California's leading lawyers and lawmakers. As LA's chief lawyer and prosecutor since July, 2013, he has brought an innovative, problem-solving focus that combines tough and effective prosecution with initiatives to improve public safety and the quality of life throughout the city. Feuer's office also has been at the forefront of key national issues ranging from gun violence prevention and consumer protection to justice system reform and challenges to recent federal policies that threaten fundamental rights, public health and public safety.

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