Updated: Feb 12

LOS ANGELES – In an effort to curb rampant criminal activity in the surrounding neighborhood, City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Office has filed lawsuits against the owners of two gang-controlled apartment buildings in Baldwin Village. The lawsuits are part of the City Attorney’s multi-agency effort to disrupt and crack down on criminal activity of the Black PStones Bloods (BPS) criminal street gang in South Los Angeles.

The lawsuits seek court-ordered improvements to 3839 Stevely Avenue and 4100 Palmwood Drive including a permanent injunction against narcotics sales as well as physical and managerial improvements to the properties to prevent the presence of gang members. These improvements may include perimeter security, police access, video monitoring, tenant screening, and prohibiting known gang members from entering the property.

3839 Stevely Avenue, a 24-unit apartment building, is a location for BPS gang activity and is known to be a neglected and problematic location that disproportionately taxes and drains law enforcement resources. Since December 2012, there have been more than 17 documented narcotics-related arrests, incidents or purchases at or directly related to the property as well as reported stabbings and the shooting of a pregnant woman.

4100 Palmwood Drive, a 10-unit apartment building, is allegedly one of the most active locations for BPS activity including the sale of cocaine, marijuana and other narcotics on an open and continuous basis. Since June 2002, there have been more than 26 documented narcotics-related arrests or incidents at or directly related to the property, at least one shooting, and over a dozen reported incidents of criminal threats and disorderly conduct.