Updated: Feb 12

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck joined together today to discuss their collaborative efforts in enforcing Proposition D which regulates the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the City. They also announced the launch of a campaign to assist real estate professionals and landlords on how they can comply with Propostion D.

“With the invaluable work of our partner LAPD, we have been successfully and aggressively enforcing Proposition D and upholding the will of the voters,” said Feuer.

“Today we launch additional efforts including assisting the real estate industry and property owners in complying with Prop D.”

"The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to partnering with the City Attorney's Office to close the marijuana dispensaries that are in violation of Proposition D which was approved by the voters," said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. "We believe the City Attorney's Office has developed an efficient prosecutorial template to target both business and property owners that are in violation. In addition, we are significantly increasing the number of LAPD officers trained in Proposition D enforcement protocols, and we will subsequently increase the number of cases we submit for prosecution."

Feuer has filed criminal charges against hundreds of defendants including dispensary owners, operators, managers and property owners with over 100 dispensaries closing since enforcement of Proposition D began. The City Attorney has successfully won over 20 legal challenges to the new law.

As part of his Office’s increased enforcement efforts, Feuer announced that he recently hired two new attorneys to work exclusively in prosecuting Proposition D cases.

"Our association supports the City Attorney in his enforcement of Proposition D,” said Jim Link, chief executive officer of the Southland Regional Association of REALTORS. "Our role is to do all we can to make sure our REALTOR members who engage in property management or leasing are educated as to their responsibilities under the law so that they and their clients do not inadvertently violate any of the provisions of Proposition D."

Proposition D offers limited immunity from prosecution for medical marijuana businesses that meet a series of requirements. It is the property owner’s responsibility to determine that a medical marijuana business has met all of the requirements necessary to qualify for limited immunity under Proposition D. It is important when renting property to a medical marijuana business to verify that requirements have been met under Proposition D.