Updated: Mar 17

Los Angeles—City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Office has secured a conviction against Tito Castro, 39, who will be sentenced today for physical and sexual abuse of three minor victims ages 8, 10 and 12. Feuer also filed charges this week against the victims’ mother, Elizabeth Gonzalez, 39, for six counts of child abuse and failure to protect.

The alleged abuse came to light last summer when the children were removed from their mother’s care and placed in foster care. The 10 year old victim told her 12 year old brother that Castro, their mother’s boyfriend, had sexually abused her. The brother told their foster mother who reported the abuse to the authorities. The 10 year old victim told authorities that Castro had sexually abused her for months and that she tried to tell her mother but her mother did not believe her. It was reported that Castro allegedly physically abused the children and took naked photographs of them.

Castro will be sentenced today at 1:30 in Division 6 of the East Los Angeles Courthouse on 6 counts, including one count of child molestation, one count of oral copulation of a minor under 18, 3 counts of statutory rape, and one count of child abuse causing mental suffering. The Defendant is expected to be sentenced to 2 1⁄2 years in county jail as well as life time sex registration, 5 years of probation and 52 sessions of psychological counseling. There will also be a 10 year protective order for the victim and her siblings who were also physically abused by the Defendant. The 10 year old victim and 12 year old brother will make impact statements at the sentencing hearing.

Gonzalez is in custody with bail currently set at $75,000, and will appear for bail review at 1:30 p.m. today at Division 4 of the East Los Angeles Courthouse.

Deputy City Attorney Lara Schwartz is prosecuting both cases.