Updated: Feb 12

Los Angeles-- City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Office has secured permanent injunctions enjoining the operator, property owner, real estate broker and real estate salesperson from opening a medical marijuana business in Mar Vista—in violation of Proposition D--ensuring it will not open its doors.

“We will use every tool available to us to enforce Proposition D and uphold the will of the voters,” said City Attorney Mike Feuer.

In an expansion of the City Attorney’s efforts to enforce Proposition D, this marks the first time that a real estate broker and salesperson were included in an enforcement action.

“Our Office will be launching an education campaign directed to real estate brokers, salespersons and leasing agents to help them comply with Proposition D,” said Feuer. “It is essential for them to understand the law and the seriousness of their aiding an unlawful medical marijuana business to open. They need to know that they, along with dispensary owners and landlords, could find themselves included in our enforcement efforts.”

In addition to the civil enforcement action in Mar Vista, the City Attorney’s Office has filed 68 criminal cases against medical marijuana business operators and property owners.

The permanent injunctions issued by Superior Court Judge James Chalfant prohibit the defendants from establishing, operating, renting, leasing or otherwise permitting a medical marijuana business to occupy 3472 Centinela.

Proposition D was overwhelmingly passed by Los Angeles voters in May to limit the number of medical marijuana businesses operating in the city.

Deputy City Attorney Steve Blau, Amy Brothers and Charles Sewell successfully litigated the case.