Updated: Mar 17

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer has filed suit against the owners of a South Los Angeles home alleging that the property has long been a center of gang activity and violent criminal behavior.

The City Attorney’s Safe Neighborhoods and Anti-Gang Division filed the complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging multiple shootings, homicides, and narcotics arrests at the single-family residence for more than a decade.

“The constant and conspicuous presence of gang members at the property has attracted numerous and frequent drive-by shootings by rival gangs, posing a grave risk to the public’s safety,” the suit alleges. “This property is known by law enforcement and persons in the surrounding area as the “East Coast Theater” because, at any given time, East Coast Crips (ECC) gang members and associates gather at the property, loitering and sitting en masse in the front of the property. The property has acquired its notorious reputation over time and continues to be widely known for its connection to the ECC criminal street gang by law enforcement, residents of the community, and rival gangs.”

The lawsuit seeks court ordered improvements to the property including: stay away orders against known gang members and associates, enhanced lighting, restrictions on persons permitted to access the property and other security measures. If the court order is granted and the owners fail to make the necessary improvements, the City Attorney will seek further action which could include authorization to close the property.

The complaint alleges that the property, which is three blocks away from the Sixty-Sixth Street Elementary School, has been the site of multiple shootings, resulting in seven people being shot, two of whom were killed, and 10 narcotics offenses.

The City Attorney’s cutting-edge property abatement program significantly curtails gang activity in Los Angeles neighborhoods. Prosecutors target the properties where gang members regularly commit crimes. Gang locations frequently have a history of narcotics sales, shootings, and other acts of violence.