Updated: Mar 17

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer is seeking a court order against the owner of a crime-ridden Watts-area triplex to curb gang activity and multiple gang-rivalry shootings. The complaint, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Vilma Linares, the owner of the property at 1506 East 107th Street, also names Marco Linares, the property owner’s son, a self-admitted, documented member of the Hacienda Village Boys (VBS) street gang who has been arrested at the property on prior occasions for gun and narcotics possession.

“The property is a longtime stronghold and drug-selling location for members and associates of VBS,” the suit alleges. “Association with the VBS has caused the property to be raked with gunfire at least 11 times in the last 120 days. The property has assumed a perilously symbolic role as a “bullet magnet.” In addition, since 2009, two residents of the property have been murdered within blocks of the residence in gang-related shootings.”

The lawsuit seeks court ordered improvements to the property including a permanent 1000 feet stay away from the property for Marco Linares as well as physical and managerial improvements to the property to prevent the presence of gang members. These improvements may include perimeter security, police access, video monitoring, tenant screening, and prohibiting known gang members from entering the property.

City Attorney Feuer is making gun violence prevention a top priority of the City Attorney’s Office. Last month City Attorney Feuer created the new position of Gun Violence Prevention Coordinator naming Deputy City Attorney Greg Dorfman to the position.

The City Attorney’s cutting-edge gang property abatement program significantly curtails gang activity in Los Angeles neighborhoods. Prosecutors target the properties where gang members regularly commit crimes. Gang locations frequently have a history of narcotics sales, shootings, and other acts of violence.