Updated: Feb 12

LOS ANGELES – City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office will hold The Veterans’ Alternative Legal Options and Resources (VALOR) Citation Clinic in an effort to assist United States military veterans resolve certain tickets through the completion of community service work.

“Our VALOR citation clinic is an opportunity to give veterans on Skid Row an opportunity to get their lives back in order and make a positive impact on their community,” said City Attorney Feuer. “Outstanding citations can create significant obstacles for veterans to receive needed Federal, State and local services and can clog our court system.”

VALOR is a program offered by City Attorney Feuer to eligible current or former members of the United States Armed Forces to clear up failure to appear tickets in exchange for four hours of community obligation work with an approved service provider. Eligible participants include veterans that have been issued a ticket for missed a court date or failure to appear on a ticket for a pedestrian violation (i.e. fare evasion, jaywalking, open container of alcohol in public, blocking the sidewalk, littering, etc.).

City Attorney staff volunteering for the clinic will assist participants in evaluating the eligibility of citations for the program and work to connect individuals with veteran-based service providers including New Directions for Veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as community based organizations like the Midnight Mission and Union Rescue Mission. Community service work can include general labor, office work, food service, life skills classes, mental health counseling or other approved activities.

Once participants have completed four hours of community work for each ticket, the service provider will provide confirmation to the City Attorney’s Office and a motion to dismiss the ticket will be prepared and submitted to the court for approval.

The City Attorney’s VALOR Citation Clinic will be offered as part of a larger program offered to military veterans by the Midnight Mission on November 14, 2014. Since July 2013, the VALOR program has assisted 262 veterans. The program is being coordinated by Deputy City Attorney Songhai Miguda-Armstead and Deputy City Attorney Patrick Shibuya.

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