Updated: Feb 13

As we pause to remember the tragic shootings at Isla Vista, we must vow that the precious lives lost were not taken in vain—committing ourselves to do all we can to prevent gun violence.

How many times must we hear, “In the wake of the violence in..,” followed by the names of communities forever etched into our national consciousness: Isla Vista, Sandy Hook, Aurora or Columbine? We can and should take action now to prevent daily tragedies of gun violence that afflict neighborhoods throughout our nation.

Prosecutors Against Gun Violence strongly believes that common-sense policies would curtail gun violence across America. Among the proposals that a majority of our members support:

  • Universal background checks.

  • Timely and effective transmission of prohibited persons data to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

  • Combatting illegal weapons trafficking by tightening federal and state anti-trafficking laws, limiting multiple gun sales, and supporting inspection and enforcement of licensed gun dealers.

  • Limiting access to guns by domestic violence perpetrators, and supporting gun dispossession protocols for domestic abusers.

  • Addressing the nexus between mental health and gun violence.  Using technology to more effectively enforce existing laws.

  • Safe storage of firearms.

Prosecutors Against Gun Violence will continue to strive toward these and other solutions— be they changes in law, improvements in law enforcement practices or community-based collaborations--that will make tragedies like Isla Vista much less likely to occur in the future.

Founded by District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. and City Attorney Mike Feuer in September 2014, Prosecutors Against Gun Violence is a nonpartisan coalition of 34 leading prosecutors, from every region of the United States, committed to advancing prosecutorial and policy solutions to the national public health and safety crisis of gun violence.