Los Angeles – City Attorney Mike Feuer announced today that his Office has filed two nuisance abatement lawsuits against the owners of single-family homes alleged to be dangerous gang strongholds in residential neighborhoods of Panorama City and Pacoima. The Panorama City home is an alleged epicenter of shootings, sales of methamphetamine and the storage of guns. The Pacoima home is an alleged gang hangout of approximately 15 years with multiple shootings and drive-bys. Both lawsuits, part of the sustained, concentrated focus on neighborhood safety by Feuer and LAPD, seek to have the homes declared public nuisances and the violence and danger brought to a swift and permanent end.

“Nobody in our City should be waking up to homes hit with bullets, or meth sales and the threat of violence down the block. No one should have to forbid their kids from playing in the front yard because it’s just too dangerous. But that is a reality for too many Angelenos,” said Feuer. “We need to confront these issues head-on, so families can live in peace. These lawsuits are key ingredients in that strategy.”

“Angelenos deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods regardless of their zip code,” said Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. “When faced with escalating violence, it is the City’s duty to seek every action to restore peace. The City Attorney’s use of the nuisance abatement lawsuits has been an effective tool to eliminate blight and improve safety.”

According to one of Feuer’s complaints, the Panorama City home – at 14697 Plummer Street – is allegedly being used by “Pacoima,” the violent criminal gang known to traffic narcotics throughout the Valley. Purchased in 2019 by Defendant Hovo Stepanian, who doesn’t live at the home, it quickly gained a reputation in the community and among law enforcement as a nuisance property where large amounts of amphetamines are stored and sold.

Violence in and around the home has escalated alarmingly in the past seven months with two large-scale LAPD pursuits for criminal suspects, one following a shooting and the other for alleged armed gang members fleeing the police. Search warrants executed at the home have recovered methamphetamine, fentanyl, heroin, gear used to sell narcotics, and numerous guns – including two “ghost guns,” one of which was an AR-15.

This nuisance abatement lawsuit seeks to have the home declared a public nuisance and to terminate the tenancy of all current occupants.

According to the other complaint, the Pacoima home – at 13285 Corcoran Street – has allegedly been used as a hangout for the extremely violent “Pacoima Pirus” street gang for the past 15 years. The home is owned by Defendant Detroit Dumas who lives there with his adult sons, Defendants Keijuan and Alexander Dumas, alleged associates of the Pacoima Pirus. The sons have allegedly allowed the Pacoima Pirus to use the home as a hub for gang activity. In the past five years, there have been five documented shootings and drive-bys from rival gangs at the home, resulting in two people being shot and hospitalized with gun wounds, and bullets hitting neighbors’ homes and cars. One such shooting took place as recently as January.

This lawsuit seeks to have the home declared a public nuisance, an order requiring the brothers to move out and stay 1,000 feet away at all times and a permanent injunction.

Since July, 2013, the City Attorney’s Office has filed 151 nuisance abatement lawsuits, secured 313 injunctions and collected more than $2.8 million in penalties and costs. Problem properties can be reported anonymously online or by calling 213-978-8340.

Review the complaint for the property at 14697 Plummer Street in Panorama City.

Review the complaint for the property at 13285 Corcoran Street in Pacoima.