Updated: Mar 17

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has announced that his Office’s Consumer Protection Division has charged the owner of a Westside bakery with 24 criminal counts, including allegedly continuing to operate the business after his license was suspended by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The Cake Collection, located at 2221 Barry Avenue, was previously ordered to close by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health after citations for rodent infestation and other health violations.

Peter Plotitsa, 53, the bakery’s owner, is charged with four counts of illegally operating while his license was suspended; five counts of failing to maintain a wholesale food establishment as to prevent the presence of animals, birds and vermin; four counts of unlawfully manufacturing food products without properly rodent proofing the building; four counts of rodent infestation; three counts of contamination of food contact surfaces; and four counts of failing to comply with an order. Each count carries a potential maximum penalty of six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

In January 2013, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health suspended the Cake Collection’s public health permit and ordered the closure of the business after viewing evidence of rodent droppings. Three subsequent investigations in June 2013, showed that Defendant Plotitsa allegedly continued to operate the business in violation of the order and allegedly failed to abate the rodent infestation. During an additional investigation in July 2013, investigators allegedly observed live rats, live pigeons roosting, rodent and pigeon droppings as well as gnaw marks on the building.

Arraignment is scheduled for November 20, 2013 in Department Six of the East Los Angeles Courthouse. Assistant City Attorney Don Kass is prosecuting the case.