Updated: Mar 11

LOS ANGELES—City Attorney Mike Feuer and Councilmember Paul Krekorian, in a move to foster more robust public input, have requested a 75-day extension period for public comment regarding the FAA’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Replacement Passenger Terminal Project at the Burbank Airport.

"This Burbank Airport project is a big deal, and San Fernando Valley residents deserve a full opportunity to weigh in with their views. That’s why I’m calling on the FAA to significantly extend the public comment period," said Feuer. "As we’ve seen with the FAA’s changes to Burbank Airport flight patterns, what happens at that airport has a huge, daily impact on Valley residents’ quality of life."

"The people of the San Fernando Valley are already suffering significant environmental impacts from the Hollywood Burbank Airport, including intensification of aircraft noise, air pollution, and ground traffic. The replacement terminal, if built, could increase those impacts," said Krekorian. "The people of Los Angeles have no representation on the Airport Authority, and we did not get to vote on the replacement terminal, so we must be allowed to have our voices heard. This draft environmental impact statement is almost 3,000 pages long, and this project will impact the people of my district and the rest of the east San Fernando Valley for generations to come. A brief extension of time to allow the impacted residents to comment is a very modest request and should be granted immediately."

As stated in FAA Order 5050.4B (“NEPA Implementing Instructions for Airport Action”), Section 1102, the FAA will normally grant a 15-day extension where a commenting agency such as the City requests more time to review a DEIS. The City is requesting an additional 60-days beyond those 15 extra days as recognized by Order 5050.4B, section 1102(b)(1), and provided by the NEPA implementing regulations at 40 CFR 1560.10(d).

“The extra time should be afforded to ensure full public participation in the environmental review of the Burbank replacement terminal project,” Feuer and Krekorian wrote in their letter to the FAA. “The DEIS consists of 2881 pages and addresses a number of potential environmental impacts concerning an important project that directly affect the lives of the City’s residents and businesses in direct proximity to the project. Because the City is not represented on the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority, public comment on Burbank Airport projects is the only means for the City and the people of the City of Los Angeles to be heard as part of environmental review. The City requests this additional amount of time so the City and its residents can fully review the DEIS to determine whether comments are appropriate.”

Read the letter to the FAA from City Attorney Mike Feuer and Councilmember Paul Krekorian.