Updated: Mar 11

Los Angeles – City Attorney Mike Feuer announced tonight that a national coalition of local governments--including the City of Los Angeles--and major civil rights organizations, has secured a preliminary injunction in its lawsuit against the Trump Administration over its decision to cut short the timeline for the 2020 U.S. Census count. The Preliminary Injunction replaces a Temporary Restraining Order which was set to expire this week.

"This injunction is a major victory in our fight for an accurate Census count—which is crucial to fair political representation and the proper allocation of essential federal resources," said Feuer. "The Court saw through the Trump Administration’s efforts to camouflage its political interference in what is supposed to be the neutral, nonpartisan process of counting every person. Now, with little time to lose and so much at stake, I urge everyone to take the few moments necessary to be included in the Census."

Feuer and the national coalition of which Los Angeles is a part sued the Administration last month over its last-minute decision to compress eight and a half months of data collection and processing into just four and a half months, which would lead to inaccuracy in counting every person – both in the City and across the nation. The coalition of Plaintiffs includes the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Salinas, and San Jose, along with Harris County, Texas, King County, Washington, Los Angeles County, the Navajo Nation, the Gila River Indian Community, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, the National Urban League, NAACP, League of Women Voters and Harris County Court Commissioners Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia.

Deputy City Attorneys Mike Dundas and Danielle Goldstein are handling the litigation.

City Attorney Mike Feuer remarks in English.

City Attorney Mike Feuer remarks in Spanish.

Read the preliminary injunction granted against the Trump Administration.