Updated: Mar 8

LOS ANGELES—Continuing his office’s focused enforcement of the Mayor’s Executive Order during the COVID-19 crisis, City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced criminal filings against another 10 allegedly non-essential businesses for operating after they were warned to close.

"The Mayor’s Safer At Home Order is working," said Feuer. "But all non-essential businesses need to comply, without exception. The sooner we achieve maximum compliance—from businesses and residents alike—the sooner all Angelenos can get back to work and resume our normal routines."

"Angelenos and the businesses that serve them have overwhelmingly embraced Safer at Home — and we can’t allow a few to put entire communities at risk," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Voluntary cooperation is always the goal, but we won’t hesitate to take stronger action when it becomes necessary to keep people safe."

Feuer’s Office filed the following criminal cases:

1. 0CJ01169

My Smoke Shop at 22876 W. Ventura Blvd.

Defendant 1: Avetik Grigoryan

Defendant 2: Makaros Makarosyan

2. 0CJ01176:

Studio City Smoke Shop at 11046 Ventura Blvd.

Defendant: Arthur Papazyan

3. 0CJ01173:

Lincoln Tobacco at 608 Lincoln Blvd.

Defendant: Tami Aboud aka Tami Abdumasi Rezkalla

4. 0CJ01175:

Mike's Smoke Shop at 12038 Burbank Blvd.

Defendant: Grachiya Baltayan aka Mike Baltayan

5. 0CJ01177

Drip N Vape at 23706 Victory Blvd.

Defendant 1: Tarik Dugam

Defendant 2: Jake Kail

6. 0VW02709A/B/C

Bellagio Express Car Wash 6344 Sepulveda Blvd

Defendant 1: Farzad, Nourollah

Defendant 2: Bellagio Express Car Wash

Defendant 3: Michael Eric Solano

7. 0VW02710

Spa Castle Massage 19644 Sherman Way

Defendant: Hungsia Yang

8. 0CJ05967

Henney’s Printing, 4166 Verdugo Road

Defendant 1:Luis Pena

Defendant 2: Henney’s Printing

9. 0CJ05977

Vantage Green Professional Auto Detailing, 2700 N. Eastern Ave.

Defendant: Carlos Valdez

10. 0CJ05986

Discount Beauty Supply, 8600 South Hoover

Defendant: Joyce Choi

These new filings follow four additional cases Feuer’s office brought against businesses earlier this month:


DBA Business Discount Electronics, 556 S. Broadway

Defendant: Behrooz Nabati


Hot Box Smoke Shop, 9115 S. Western

Defendant: Kevin Sylvester


DTLA Smoke Shop, Inc., 223 1/2 W. 6th St.

Defendant: Natali Mishali


Brother Shoes, 818 W. Slauson, Unit B

Defendant: Zoila Martinez-Ortiz

List updated as of 5/29

Feuer’s office has been a national leader in grappling with wide-ranging aspects of the COVID-19 crisis, including targeting price gougers and misleading and/or false advertising claims from purported cures to at-home testing kits.