Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer today called on the U.S. Census Bureau to confirm whether it plans to curtail efforts to obtain an accurate count—a decision with potentially devastating consequences for cities like Los Angeles, with hard-to-count communities—and, if so, explain the basis for its decision.

Feuer’s action follows his announcement last week that the City of Los Angeles had joined with the State of California and others in their second lawsuit against the Trump Administration over the President’s unconstitutional attempts to exclude some residents from the count.

"We need answers right now. If recent reports on the Census Bureau’s plans are true, this latest move will make the Census tremendously inaccurate, with disastrous consequences for our City," said Feuer. "The stakes for L.A. are too high for this Administration to be allowed to try, yet again, to undermine an accurate Census count."

Recent media reports indicate that the Bureau is going to halt collection of responses and its door-knocking program earlier than previously announced. Ending the count early increases the likelihood of a significant undercount that could deprive the City and its residents of vital funding and political representation.

Collecting responses and following up with door-knocking where residents do not respond are the two main ways that the Bureau figures out the count. The current response rate in Los Angeles is well below the national average.

Read the letter here.

The results of the Census determine state representation in Congress as well as the distribution of crucial federal funding.

Residents may respond to the 2020 U.S. Census here.

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