Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Los Angeles-- Continuing to expand his Neighborhood Prosecutor Program, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced today the addition of five new prosecutors to focus on chronic problems throughout the City.

"Since I took office, we’ve taken our Neighborhood Prosecutor Program from 8 to 28 – more than tripling the number of problem-solving lawyers from my office working in L.A.’s neighborhoods," said Feuer. "They’re embedded in our communities, listening and responding to residents, schools and business leaders, and making a real difference in neighborhood safety and quality of life. Our new Neighborhood Prosecutors will help even more as they focus on complex regional challenges our communities face."

Feuer has added five new Neighborhood Prosecutor positions that will tackle key issues in different regions of the City. Each will be charged with implementing strategies, coordinating with different agencies and working with communities to solve chronic problems. Each will work to create solutions that can be replicated across the City.

Among the chronic problems to be addressed:

Homelessness at Union Station – Andrew Said:

A significant number of homeless individuals who ride LA Metro use it for shelter. As one of the gateways to our City, Union Station is the end point for the Redline and when these trains stop running and Union Station closes from 2-4am, there is an opportunity to interact and assist homeless people leaving Union Station. Andrew will partner with MTA, LAPD, the City Attorney’s LA DOOR program and social service providers to establish outreach from 2-4am with the goal of connecting people with services and housing, while decreasing crime.

Homelessness at LAX – Claudia Martin:

Similar to Union Station, a significant number of people experiencing homelessness use terminals and other areas at LAX for shelter. This project will increase outreach and services to homeless individuals with the goal of getting them housed.

Illegal Dumping in South LA – Khalil Rasheed:

There is a substantial amount of illegal dumping in South Los Angeles with some areas experiencing this soul-crushing violation for decades. Khalil will first focus on three of most notorious sites and work with other agencies and partners to significantly reduce the cubic tons of waste, prosecute any viable criminal cases and improve the quality of life in these neighborhoods.

Library Issues in the San Fernando Valley – Todd Gilman:

This project aims to significantly improve library safety for everyone who uses our libraries with enhanced staff training, coordination with outreach programs and partnering with service providers to engage problematic patrons. This project will start at seven libraries in the Valley before eventually replicating it in all libraries.

Package Theft in the San Fernando Valley – Raffy Astvasadoorian:

California has the nation’s highest rate of package theft from front porches, and Los Angeles among the top 10 cities in the nation when it comes to package theft. Targeting areas in the Valley which are known to have the largest numbers of Porch Pirates, Raffy will partner with major delivery services, law enforcement, neighborhood groups, retailers and home security video services to reduce package theft through public education as well as prosecuting viable criminal cases.

Embedded in every LAPD station across Los Angeles, the Program’s other Neighborhood Prosecutors are local problem solvers who combat community issues such as vandalism, graffiti, security around schools, illegal dumping, theft from local retailers and chronic low-level offenders who exploit public safety resources better spent on more serious crime. Neighborhood Prosecutors work outside of City Hall and are big parts of the communities they serve. Connect with your local Neighborhood Prosecutor.

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