Los Angeles—One day after the cities of Los Angeles and Boston led an amicus brief on behalf of 26 jurisdictions across the United States in opposition to the Department of Homeland Security’s threat to remove or deny admission to international students whose schools move to online education (Harvard and MIT vs. the Department of Homeland Security), the Trump administration today reversed its decision and rescinded the DHS guidance. International students will be able to maintain their visa status, even where their classes are entirely online.

“The Trump Administration's sudden reversal, in the face of a court challenge it was destined to lose, is a victory for these students, the colleges and universities at which they learn and the communities to which they contribute. The 20,000 international students who call Los Angeles home, and L.A.'s colleges and universities, can now rest a little easier," said Feuer. “I'm proud of our leadership, with jurisdictions across the United States, in helping achieve this very important outcome.”

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