Updated: Aug 13, 2020

"There is so much our nation must do advance justice. Today the Supreme Court issued two decisions that will help to bring about an America that is more fair, more equal and more just.

It’s hard to imagine that in 2020 America, someone could be fired simply because of their sexual orientation. Today the Supreme Court finally confirmed that this form of discrimination is illegal across the country.

And the Court also decided not to review a decision upholding California’s law prohibiting our State taxpayer dollars from being used in federal immigration enforcement.

I fervently hope these rulings signal that in the United States, the arc of history does indeed bend toward justice—not in some distant future, but right now, today."

Feuer’s office was the counsel of record for an amicus brief joined by a nationwide coalition of cities and counties urging the U.S. Supreme Court to reaffirm the principle that all LGBTQ people in the United States should have the opportunity to participate in the workplace free from discrimination.

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